Site C and the Dakota pipeline project have some differences in their size, scope and geographical location. Where they are the same is in a category that doesn’t care about where it is  or what’s in its way.

What I am talking about is in the minds of man. Also, we are talking about money, which is on the minds of men at all times. More importantly how to get more of it.

Sure, you may not be one of those types. However those that control that money whether by this issuance of it or creating legislation to get it most certainly think about nothing but getting more of it.

For both these projects, this is what it is all about.


Dakota was not something I was overly familiar with until some brave people put it on the radar for myself and many of you out there. While most people are focused on what hand out they will get next, these brave people are actually getting off the couch and standing up for all of us.

If you are in any way skeptical or unsure of the ‘social quality’ of a project, you need only look where the money is coming from or going to. That’s it.

“Get your snout in the trough” is an old British saying. In general it means:to have or get a share of a supply of money or some other advantage that people eagerly and sometimes dishonestly take’

In the case of Site C and Dakota unfortunately, it goes way beyond dishonesty although that is a large component. 

The money side of it is on great display for all to see in this article. and in the graph below:


Loans and Credit. Go on, take another look, when you do just consider this is just. one. project.

An outside guess is these banks have already considered the project ‘done’ and want to take the paper (industry term for loan documents) and sell the paper to someone else for a fee just like sub prime.

Understand that also High Yield Energy Debt is a ticking time bomb right now and who is most exposed? Yep, all the banks (and more) that you see above. What does that mean? If these HY Debts head south, banks will be forced to write them off or sell them for pennies on the dollar. This is already happening as the Oil industry and governments who depend on their revenue struggle with low prices and more entrants into the marketplace. If prices are low and there is more people in the market, they only ‘way out’ is to sell more oil. Here is one problem with that which I will touch on later.

Coming back up to Canada, we all watched as the BC Liberals, the Alberta NDP and the Federal Liberals worked with the demands of environmental groups and got Site C pushed forward. Sure, we saw the Clark and co. wanted this more than anything else but the icing on the cake was ushering in a Carbon Tax scheme for the sole benefit of all the people we hold dear: Big Banks and Big Energy. These entities are morphing into the same thing and intertwining with Big Data.

They did this for the same reasons MONEY. It was a clever plan in taking anger at those ‘dirty Albertans’ and ‘Conservatives’ and turning it into a brand new tax regime that was ushered in for the sole purpose of propping up completely broke governments. If you go to this link, keep in mind it might cause you problems. It might upset your paradigm that your party is superior for ALL these provinces and our Federal government got into the mess they did because of all the parties.

What this also did was affirm that those that believe in CO2 killing the planet were ‘right’ and who affirmed that right? Why of course the biggest wasters of resources on the planet who have bankrupted Health Care, Education, The Treasury our Environment and all else.

Not sure I would be so excited about the very people who caused these problems (and more) giving me a seal of approval but environmental groups will take it if it fits their agenda and keeps the money flowing to them just like Big Oil and the rest.

They sold it well. While they had untold premiers meetings talking about ‘saving the planet’ what they did not tell us what that it was strictly about saving themselves and their power structure. Think of pneumonia, the body will keep the centre warm and lose the extremities to stay alive. Same here. You are the extremities that if they need warmth, blood (money) they will just take it from you.


If you didn’t notice the peculiar timing of the fact that oil was half the price it had been for some time (still is years later) and a third of it’s all time high (still is now). This is across the energy sphere for various reasons but good ol’ trusty lack of demand and cheap credit fueling supplies was a main factor.

Now, if you look at the cost to produce for Oil and you understand for us to get LNG to those ‘hungry asian markets’ (who are turning to cheaper producers like Iran and Russia for their needs anyway) you realize there are very large gaps.


No one cares about these gaps when oil is over $80/barrel. Where they start to look really ugly is when Oil and LNG are priced below the actual cost to produce. Which, if you have been paying attention is exactly what is going on right now and why massive layoffs and cuts have been happening in the sector. Yes, this will tax the treasury on EI etc. so more revenue will be needed to pay banker debts on our loans from them.


Oil companies are worried. Your government (all parties) is worried. Most people only think about royalties from extraction and taxes/revenue from employment. What they don’t consider is who is the primary shareholder of all banks  and all big oil companies? That’s right, the Government of Canada and the Government of the USA.

So, does anyone really believe that those that paid to get these politicians into office will get ‘hit in the pocket book where it hurts?’ Or was their anger and hatred for these companies cleverly steered into getting them more profits? Let’s see.

What does seeing require? Looking at things objectively, peeling back the layers, the rhetoric, dogma, emotion… all of it and going to the facts, numbers and true motives.


I even heard someone say ‘Was Trudeau intimidated by Big Oil’ and things like ‘Trudeau was forced to do this’

Guess what?


It was the plan the whole time,  and those that bought the lie made it real, for there is no seller without a buyer. Same with those that voted NDP in Alberta to ‘give those conservatives the boot’ (for the record, I never once liked Stephen Harper, never voted conservative. I am not here to say one is better than the other. I am pointing out they are the same, for they are politicians, human and love money.)

The NDP worked with the PM and the BC Liberals to make Site C happen. Why? I can hear ‘but they really care about the environment, they said so on their signs’

What runs a Party? Simple. Money. What runs a province Simple. Money. (OK Debt)


Yes, I know, not even household debt:


Man that is a lot of debt wonder if any banks are making money off all this debt? Wonder if in exchange for these profits they donate to the parties who will ensure the flow continues. Ever wonder why no one can ever seem to balance the budget? Simple, no debt for you to pay down, less profits for banks which governments invest in. Not to worry taxes are for building roads and schools 


What happens if all these companies get into trouble with a prolonged slump in commodities? Simple. You bail them out.

We know that these ‘terrible companies’ that Trudeau and Notley are going to ‘hit hard’ most of them, in most countries, provinces and states pay little to no taxes, just like tech companies. So, why now all of a sudden will some ‘magic’ tax come in and ‘really stick it to them?’

They don’t pay taxes, so the profitability will be higher. Higher taxes imposed by government means lower returns for Government who invests in these companies. Also, by charging any potential up and coming companies full taxes (like small businesses) it reduces competition for government investments (why do you think the CRA crushes small businesses but turns a blind eye to multi-national tax fraud?)

Why also do you think CEO’s of big oil companies were so against the Carbon Tax then all of a sudden changed their tune and are using words like ’embrace’ and ‘adapt’?


Do you think these companies who kick people off their own land, fund governments that blow up entire countries for resource domination all of a sudden grew a heart? Nope. Do you think those very governments who are destroying countries (with your tax dollars) and using those precious finite resources magically started to care? Nope. 


Do you think the NDP, BC Liberals and Federal Liberals who are destroying this countries best farm land and violating long standing treaties solely for profit give a damn about the world? Same as Dakota.

The government knows it is bankrupt. The government knows that it needs a new revenue source. The government knows that these Big Companies need a new revenue source. The government and these companies know one thing also. That is to get as close to the money trough as possible. Unfortunately for you you are both at the end of the trough AND the one the puts all the money in it.

Think about all the ‘looking out for the middle class’ nonsense you have heard from every party, in every jurisdiction since the 50’s.

How’s that working out?

Think about every lie you were told where they said one thing and the exact opposite  happened. I am going to show you how Site C and Carbon Schemes are the same.


Alberta was having issues getting it’s oil to market. It is also in the fiscal dumps. Solution? Tax people more so they can buy less stuff…which helps the economy. Got itThen give that money to Oil Companies who will profit, and then not pay taxes.

It’s odd how there is an entire country called Canada who could use that oil/energy as we are already importing lots of oil but that is for another time. It needed to get oil over and across British Columbia where they know there is very stiff opposition. So, the question became ‘How do we appease the environmental groups and still achieve our goal of making our massive investments in Oil and Gas stocks and bonds profitable’?

Simple, you sit down with all the Big Oil and Banking CEO’s that paid for your election and ask them to come up with a scheme beneficial to you, because you know it will be beneficial to them as they want to make money and so do you.

So you fire up the teleprompter or the speech writers and simply repeat the same things over and over and over again until that is all people think about. ‘2 degrees’ ‘If the temp goes up 2 degrees’ ‘We need to fight climate change”We need to save the planet or else’

Now the centuries old tactic of scaring people young and old can be used to obtain the financial objective. For when people are scared they do anything, the one thing they don’t do is think and reason they are emotionally steered along to the desired outcome.

“We’re all going to die if you don’t give the biggest wasters of resources more resources to waste” Essentially when you peel back the layers this is what they are saying. The saddest part? People buy it out of fear or out of ego to prove they were ‘right’

This becomes the substitute for ‘logic’ and that is exactly the objective. Here is a prime display of what passes for logic these days:


In a nutshell, in order to ‘stop climate change’ all the NDP in Alberta had to do was get more oil to tidewater? If you are a diehard NDP, you are now in a walking contradiction. If you are a BC NDP supporter notice how John Horgan said nothing (as usual) about this whole thing?

So if it is taxed enough whatever pollution or damage it does magically disappears?

How did the conservatives not figure that out? Must be stuck in the past.  It appears the NDP took a page right out of the PC book.

Here is another beauty from someone I know you all love and trust with more of your money and is really concerned about your family, so much so that she is stealing from hospitals and schools (which will only get worse) to fund carbon ‘exchanges’ which ‘exchange your money’ to people who fund her campaign and just happen to be large holding of BC pension funds.



So (and this is hard to type without laughing) environmental groups are pushing for Clark to ‘do more’ on this.


As in, steal more from schools and hospitals? Nice work. They rally around this logic. Not to worry, it is all arms length stuff. Governments fund these groups as do banks and people who will benefit from the carbon taxes, they make them look independent and then let them do the PR work.

It really works well. For some of you yes, this is hard to understand that all other banking/government co-opted ‘movements’ would operate this way, except yours only, but it does. It’s alright if you don’t believe, do some homework and follow the money.

This is the logic that Fracking will ‘help fight climate change’ And put all their faith and trust into the very person that is most against the environment and people of this province? 

Do the banks we talked about look at anyone who is even close to bankruptcy and lend them money? No, and here we are giving more of our money to these financially, ethically and morally bankrupt people. We deserve what we get, we get lies, we believe them and pay the price. (literally)

Every single province, territory, state, USA/Canada are beyond bankrupt. If a company or corporation like Ontario were $300 000 000 000 in debt (that’s billions) would a bank lend them money? No, of course not.

But what if Ontario said ‘I know it looks bad, like really, really, really bad. But I have something you might want  to consider which is the ability to instantaneously make money with a stroke of a pen’

Of course, the bank knows all about this so their ears perk up. ‘We can pass sets of laws over time to ensure that BOTH the debts will get paid and it will help your investments in the companies you own’

Certainly the banks are looking at the metrics of taxes and so on and wondering ‘Society seems quite upset with taxes on everything and are near their limits and their level of trust in you is approaching zero, how will you convince them to pay’

‘Oh that is simple, we will tell them it is for a good cause like protecting their children’s future or protecting their land’

“Sounds great I think it will work”

‘Yes, First Nations groups are all over this kind of thing, and the beauty of it is we will get a whole new tax base of them for over time we will eliminate the taxes they are exempt from and implement the Carbon Tax on all people because  they will all have to do ‘their fair share’They will never even see it coming. So not to worry, we will have even more people to draw on to pay back the debts we owe you and why wouldn’t we pay, we own most of your stocks and bonds?’

If you are First Nations… did you catch that? Did you realize the government that wants to work ‘Nation to Nation’ is now working to eliminate one of the only ‘benefits’ you received from being virtually wiped out and having your land taken by the very people who still, to this day are destroying/taking your land, water and treaty rights? Nothing has changed. The biggest thing that has not changed is our belief that voting red will be different than voting blue. There is only one party… the MONEY PARTY and none of us are invited.

So, while people fall all  over themselves about guys like Obama stopping keystone and sticking up for minorities or less advantaged people. Or liars like Trudeau with his ‘Nation to Nation’ nonsense we see the true colours, the action and inaction clearly shows they are complete liars. How is Site C or Dakota happening if these people actually cared?

They don’t. Put the Liberal/PC or Democrat/Republican nonsensical pride aside and look at it for what it is. They are ALL owned by money and power. That money and power is strictly maintained so long as people believe their lies.



The question that I usually ask is: ‘What is the exact tax threshold that we all need to pay in order to balance the weather’

This has been asked to economists, people in government and environmental groups, with of course the classic replies ‘Oh so you support big Oil’ or ‘So your solution is do nothing’ The reality is (as I will show) it is they who will be supporting big oil and that doing nothing (that involves the government stealing my money to support big oil) would actually solve the problem quicker. When it resorts to name calling and cookie cutter responses that fit google algorithms, you know there is nothing there in the logic department.

I typically follow with “If you cannot balance any budget in any area large or small how are you going to simultaneously balance the budget and the weather at the same time’ Is it the red line on those charts where the clouds look down and say ‘That’s it, you got it, we will behave now’? Does the tax change the chemical composition to safe for all those chemicals they use for fracking and all the oil spills magically are ok now?

To this day, I have never gotten an answer to those questions which would seem like they would have obvious and clear answers.

So this is how the Carbon scheme got Site C passed and this is how specifically it will benefit banks, big oil and federal/provincial coffers.


Do you see it right there in front of you? Do you also know as part of the CLEAN Energy Act we get Site C? And what is CLEAN energy? Simple, not dirty energy like big bad oil energy.


So what if magically an Oil and Gas company was using ‘clean’ energy for it’s operations? How would that benefit them? Well that is an easy one. Let’s say you had solar panels, and the government deemed it ‘clean’  and then there was a carbon scheme where those that used/produced clean energy would be eligible for ‘credits’ (that means money) You would certainly be rewarded. 

Think about that only on a much more unimaginable scale of energy used/produced. Now wouldn’t it be just so convenient if the rush to implement these schemes just so happened to be at the exact time Energy prices are plummeting or flatlining and have done so for a few years and are forecast to do so for a couple years to come? Funny the timing don’t you think?

Guess what? Site C will also be deemed clean energy. My guess is you are aware of the two primary sources of revenue Site C is supposed to generate. Either 1.) Earth saving fracking or 2.) Environment saving Shale Oil.

Why was this such a rush to push through? (both Site C and CO2 tax schemes) because EVERYONE NEEDS A BAILOUT. And where do bailouts come from? YOU! (and new taxes)

So, if Fracking co’s are both producing and using clean energy… who is going to be eligible for all the Carbon Credits? That’s right, the very big oil, gas, whatever that the environmental groups wanted to ‘force’ this tax on to ‘really hit them in the pocket book’ and because of this it is they and us who will end up paying to pad profits of these companies.

Most of you know I follow the money. I have found the easiest way to do this similar to doing a big pile of dishes. Look at the big stuff first it makes all the small stuff easier in the end.

Here, I will show you just one pension fund. The governments, listed on the Security and Exchange websites are CORPORATIONS first, counties, countries etc. second. This is a whole other story I won’t get into at this time.



This is why in Title it always says BRITISH COLUMBIA investment management corporation. Or CANADA pension plan. By right, title and claim it is the government (corporate entity) that owns control of the money. This is the mechanism they use to confiscate pensions all over the globe. Here are some examples of how they do this globally and how bad a shape our pensions are in. (I will cover this in detail in another post)


What does that all mean? If you did not know, when governments get desperate, they do desperate things… they just hide it well and have an unlimited supply of money from you to deal with it.

The problem with this is that most people that want to see ‘social change’ don’t look at numbers. Even if they did, if the numbers were not inline with their belief structure, they would not believe them. This is called cognitive dissonance. Here is 1, just 1 pension fund. I have stated before, they all copy each other so no matter where you are, it’s the same.


Should we believe? That is the question. Not whether we should help the environment, not whether we ‘should all pay our fair share’ not about who is right or wrong or who’s vehicle is smaller and therefor more morally acceptable than another’s but should we believe the greatest wasters of resources should get more of our money? So odd that all those ‘humanitarian missions’ just happen to be in the most resource rich countries don’t you think?


Should we believe that when these people spend this much money on war for procuring resources for the companies they are invested in (and get to work for when they leave office) really want to ‘stick it to big oil’? If we are ‘all going to die tomorrow’ and that we ‘can’t waste finite resources’ why are we spending all this money and resource on destroying people and the world? Have you asked yourself did the party you voted for do this? The answer is YES, because they are ALL in on it. This is over time and parties. Just like the NDP, BC Liberals and Federal Liberals worked to push through Site C the Democrats and Republicans spent this money on looting and pillaging.


This really could have been a lot of solar panels, but then again, if people are generating their own power, they are not buying from Big Energy… so we can’t do that either. Unless of course they are getting heavily subsidized (like Big Oil)


Right… fixing the weather, that’s what the money is for.


It just so happens that the governments are also heavily invested in war stocks. It also just so happens banks are pushing extremely hard (by pushing I mean funding campaigns of those who will push carbon taxes) because it will profit them also.



Don’t you find it somewhat coincidental that Obama’s top donor just happens to be Goldman Sachs who stands to profit most by the $10 TRILLION a year carbon market? Do you know that Goldman Sachs is one of the top pension fund holdings of ALL government pensions?

It works like this. If you started with 10 000 ounces of gold (carbon) and the price was $1000/oz and then by some strange force of nature, that gold started disappearing and over time it was 1000 thousand ounces. By logic of supply and demand you would have roughly a 10 fold increase in price.

Now, ‘Cap and Trade’ does this. Big Companies will be able to suck up all the credits (why do you think Apple, Google, Facebook and the rest are going to clean power???)

This is what they are going to do to you, small businesses and anyone else they are not invested in. This is repeating for sure, but it needs to be said: THESE COMPANIES DON’T EVEN PAY TAXES and you will be giving them even more money.


So since they amount of credits they are issuing will fall, this will increase the value of the existing credits. Now where to you REALLY make money? Simple, if you know the government (that you paid to get into office) is going to reduce the amount of credits you bet on the price going up using carbon derivatives and make a killing. If there is one thing banks love it is derivatives. Because? That’s where all the money is, and if they implode, you get to pay! Don’t you think governments are extremely excited when they hear groups pushing (and people believing) this kind of thing? Wouldn’t it be nice if you could walk into your boss’ office and ask for a 2000% raise and if he said no, make a law forcing him to pay you without your consent?


So wrapping it up, who wins? Big Oil, Big Data, Big Carbon, Big Banks, Big Pensions and Big Government. And since all your money is going to be taken to give to these guys, you will have less money/capital to get your own clean power, which is fine for the government and big companies because this is how they push down competition. After all, how many shares does your government own in you? Your small Business? Exactly.

Who loses? Those people around Site C, Dakota Pipeline and everyone else who has to pay for these schemes. This is all covered in detail in the videos below. It is a 3 part series where it is all laid out for you, with numbers and facts.

It is started with those who people are trusting to fix the environment because they truly care burning people’s houses to the ground for money, just like razing land and houses to build pipelines.

Lastly, on and for the record: I am a huge supporter of Solar and various other economically logical renewable projects. However when I look at the constant debt being piled up for ‘Clean Air or Clean Energy’ laws that are designed to profit Big Everything that is where  there is an issue. If we are getting money to someone, it should start truly with lowest income people and highest return areas. There is a tonne we can do as people if we get all these leeches off our backs and out of our wallets. If you do not know, I can’t stand BC Hydro so any sensible direction that cuts them out of the equation I am all for it. The ‘transition’ needs to be to energy freedom for us all not just transitioning tax credits to government invested companies. That is all that is going on here.

My confidence in us and proper direction is extremely high. Our issue is we don’t follow money, we don’t use logic, we believe lies and most of all, we rely on governments to solve the very problems they have created instead of looking at ourselves. We are the only ones that can fix things, not them and when they take our energy (money and time )and waste it this is the single largest source of pollution for  we rarely put into the equation how much energy was used to generate those taxes. Once we can understand the money game, we can understand everything.