Just about finished the 2nd half of the presentation on the 7th.
Of course you know the 1st part will be about Smart Meter Fires. (about 35 minutes) There is some new stuff in there and the way it is laid out has changed  also. 
I’ve basically laid it out like a court case, I challenged myself to 
present in this way for a few reasons, one if which it just seemed like
it would be fun.
The others is to show systemically what happened, chronologically, logically, forensically and so on.
For some of you the smart grid/meters may not be an issue for you, or you
may have a few things you have a good/active interest in. You are going to see and learn things that just about no one knows not only for this issue, but for others also. It is so important yet whenever I talked about it no one knew, not even the slightest and I perhaps just assumed they did and since no one seemed to know, I decided to make this presentation for them/you.
You’ll get to see just how corrupt it is and where all the money is, who is behind it and why. From schools to power production and everything in between in a clear, concise and easy to understand way (lots of colour and pictures)
Most importantly, you are going to learn what you can do to make change to help yourself and others on this issue or whatever else it is you are against.
I haven’t been the speaker at an event for 18-24 months now so am happy to get back into it, especially with new stuff to show you all.
Truly, this is critical information we all need to know. We need to get to the root, find out where the money is going and why. 
You’ll get about 500 hours of research in 2 roughly 35 minute presentations that will give you all the answers and make things ‘click’ in your head and connect the dots.
Is there a reason we are not being told about that is behind Site C and Smart Meters?
Is there a money connection between the 2?
Is there an alternate agenda behind your money going into ‘renewable’ energy projects globally?
What are the true costs of the smart grid…and who pays?
Who stands to make the most off of your money?
Are there reasons why your power bill is exploding (like all over the globe) that you are not being told about?
What is the REAL reason why ‘Smart Meters are Safe’?
Is there one single group of people that hold the power in the Smart Grid situation? If so, who?
These are some of the many questions that will all be answered on the 7th.
I really hope you can attend if you are remotely close to this event. And of course hope for sure you will tell people you know in the Okanagan to get here. I’ve worked very hard to get you this data and volunteers have done a tonne of work  (as usual) to put this on for you. See attached flyer for details and remember to bring a friend or anyone else
you care about!
Come show your support and lets end this year on a good note moving into next!
See you there!