If you have not been paying Hydro their alleged legacy fees for some time,
and just now paid Hydro in excess of what they are asking for on their
billing statements, then here is a document to send to Hydro:

(Be sure to post a copy on your front door and at your meter for now, until you are certain that they are in receipt of your overpayment.)

1. Make a photocopy of the overpayment receipt (be sure to block out any private bank account info).

Best to make two separate payments at the bank – one copy for total power consumption and one for total unsolicited overpayment. It is a photocopy of the receipt for “overpayment”that one sends (marked up etc) to the Hydro addresses.
If one has not done so in the past-then one should begin to separate such payments in the future.
This will it make much easier for one to keep track of two separate actions.

2. Write onto that photocopy somewhere the following :

Notice to Agent is notice to principal and notice to principal is notice to agent.

Over payment of $______ made under duress on ____________, 2014 for
unsolicited alleged SMP/MCP services, following 24 hour threat of electricity
disconnection, and infringement of special contract – Notice of Default
(“NOD-MCP”), Canada Post RW ___ ___ ___ CA, dated __________ , 2014.

Principal in law: R. v. Gaysek, “Once a given document is established as a
false document, the offence of forgery-in-law follows as a matter of strict liability,
requiring only that the accused act, or intend to act, on the document with
knowledge of its falseness.”

“BC Hydro’s acceptance of this overpayment indicates BC Hydro’s acceptance of the terms of my NOD-MCP, registered mail number RW______CA”.

3. Keep this original photocopy with wording for your record (along with the receipt itself.)

4. Now make (3) copies of that photocopy with the above wording on it.

5. Stick copy (1) on your front door and/or next to your COR poster.

6. Stuff copy (2) into a standard size envelope addressed as follows to:

BC Hydro
PO Box 9501 Stn Terminal,
Vancouver, BC V6B 4N1

7. Stuff copy (3) in a standard size envelope addressed to:


8. Now photocopy both envelopes side by side.

9. Write onto the envelope photocopy:

I witnessed John Paul of the Doe family mail an overpayment
receipt in 2 envelopes both addressed to BC Hydro:
Date: ___________ Witness: ________________

10. Go to post office with your witness and request that the postal clerk date stamp
both envelopes as well as your photocopy for your own record.

11. Ask your witness to date and sign that they saw you mail
these two envelopes to BC Hydro.
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