For some time now we have been warning about the damaging effects of smart meters. Sometimes this is a difficult thing to explain to those that really have little to no background in electricity which is  probably 90+ percent of the population.

Things like transient voltages damaging meters, harmonic distortions and so on don’t always make sense for everyone.

So as they say ‘don’t tell me, show me’ which is exactly what the video below does.

While (for good reason) a lot of focus is directed to the Radio-Frequency/Microwave damage aspect of the meters, something far worse is also happening at the same time.


Your utilities are using your body and home as a science experiment to prop a failing business model. Your government is forcing people to ‘accept’ these meters despite the fact they cause fires, increase bills, last a fraction of the time of analogues, increase cyber-security threats and so on.

Please find the time to watch this. Please forward to any and everyone you know. This in an Electrical Engineers confirmation of meter issues  If you have not read this yet, please do.

Thanks to Warren and co. for getting this out there and his continued efforts in Arizona to stop this lunacy.