This is not regarding the Kamloops fire. However, we are still on that one for sure and I am more confident than I have ever been that was a smart meter fire. More details on that soon enough.

That said, I wanted to get this to you.

 (full pdf and article link) for what is touched on below

In the fire video most of you have seen, we put in some court documents from Texas that clearly showed meters were causing fires to the point of ‘pallets of burned up meters’ showing up back at the meter shop of the utility.

Now, these new forensic reports from New Mexico show that we have all been right all along. Isn’t it awesome to be right?

Screen Shot 2016-08-25 at 11.58.47 AM

No beating around the bush there. Everything he says is that the entire fire started in the meter… but there is more:

Screen Shot 2016-08-25 at 11.59.50 AM


Screen Shot 2016-08-25 at 12.03.54 PM

I love it. He is leaving no room for the Utility or the installers or the meter maker to try to get out of this one with their typical ‘homeowners fault’ excuse so they don’t have to pay and cannot be liable or open up the can of worms which is that METERS CAUSE FIRES.

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Truly, I realize this is something not everyone can do. Renters, low income, apartments and so on. However just because that is the case, I still need to put this out there.

If you are even remotely capable of getting the meter put on a pole, (financially, have property) the simple truth is, until these things are off you need to take that step. You need to call BC Hydro and get that meter put on a pole right away. I can guarantee you the people that have lost their homes, belongings, memories would give this to you as rock solid advice. Take it from this guy.

His reaction at the end is powerful. (Note: If you are in BC, yep, that is an Itron Smart Meter like the one on your house that caused this fire also, except in Detroit. DTE put out a memo from their own engineering dept telling their workers meters were blowing up)

In this video, it was dogs. Bad, but not as bad as your own family. ‘What if my kids were in the fire’ That was the same question the people in Kamloops are wondering right now.

If money is a little tight for this, look at your kids and think of your vices, your massive data plan, cable or whatever else… are those worth more than your life? These are the choices we all make. Is doing nothing and ‘hoping’ going to work? Nope.


These meters only last 5-7 years, many of you are now in or near that range. We also know the repeated meter exchanges cause damage to the base (that is of course blamed on you) When they replace the smart meter with another smart meter (as they did with the Kamloops fire that just happened) you get a higher % chance of meter fires. This was also admitted by smart meter manufacturers.

Like those odds? If not, get the meter on a pole and do so ASAP. I, like you, want this entire program ended, but until then, I ask that you consider this for your own safety. It is a sad day that you have to pay to stay alive in your own home, but perhaps this will wake people up to the state of affairs in BC and beyond. We can only hope.

Here is the phone # to call for that at BC Hydro: 1-877-520-1355

Look forward to getting you an update on the fire in Kamloops soon.

One final thing that I was going to save for another post. I wish I could see and meet all of you out there, all at one time, and let you know that on behalf of me and everyone else who might be considered ‘leaders’ etc. I am extremely proud of all of you who continue to fight. My hope is that you can sit back, go to the mirror or however you do it, take minute and be proud of yourself too! 

You didn’t back down. You kept going, you are not someone who talks the talk but doesn’t walk it. Or is only concerned with how many likes or retweets you get about how ‘bad’ things are.

There are millions of those people. You decided to act, and still do because you realized that action is required in times like this. All the mailing, the time, the stress and struggles, the installers showing up, phone calls the ‘disconnect’ notices….all of it. You looked at yourself and said “I am worth more than dying in a fire” and “My freedom has value to me and my family”

You might have even saved your own life or the life of your family. If you helped a bunch of people keep the smart meter off, know that you may have saved their lives also. 

As always, in struggles of this nature, there is more to do until it is over and I firmly believe (yes after all this time) this day is closer than we might all think. But it will not arrive if you/we quit. It most certainly would not have arrived if we didn’t act when we did.

Taking a negative and making it positive, I feel blessed to know you are out there, to have met many of you to know what you are doing. You are the only way change is going to happen if the world had more of you, none of this would be happening.

The biggest possible thanks I can ‘virtually’ put out there from my family, the rest of the Province and the globe is my intention here. As messed up as this world can be, just know it is better because you are in it!

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