This was a fun one to be a part of. Thanks goes out to Josh from Take Back Your Power for taking some time to help me with this!

In this video I show you some highlights from Michigan were representatives there are seriously questioning the role, effectiveness, safety and more of the smart grid.

We broke down the highlights and they are a stunning shift to see. They are now crushing the lie of ‘people who opt out must pay’ and clearly state analogue meters  would actually cost ratepayers $84 LESS per year!

It is very clearly shown they are a hacking danger and we point out two of the primary, critical issues with hacking: Remote Disconnect and the lack of Surge Arrestors on the meters. Simply put, every or any meter can be controlled by outside forces to literally explode on the side of your house.and this is very easy for even a low level hacker let alone sophisticated ones. No wonder these are now finally being questioned. Maybe they are realizing that these meters are on their own homes and the homes of their loved ones!