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Time of Use (TOU) Billing… a.k.a. Profit Maximization Billing, is when Utilities will charge more or less depending on what time you use power. Utilities know that the majority of your power will be used at certain times. Examples are 6 am – 10 am and 3 pm to 7 pm.  Of course they are about the money and so because you use the most power at this time, they will charge you more.

The con is to make you believe this is to ‘handle loads’ or of course the ever popular green washing ‘energy conservation’ (which of course has shown meters save no energy for consumers AND it costs more in the end to power the smart grid).

The irony on ‘load handling’ is we are all supposed to get smart appliances which works out well for the ‘green’ side since we should throw out perfectly good appliances for new ones that last half the time (but hey you can set your washer 500 different ways now although this does not change the quality of wash but the beeps and lights keep the babies entertained and the techies happy).


The other irony is this: If people all start using their appliances or setting them to go off in the seconds/minutes after the ‘expensive time’ is over, what does that do to loads??? Yep, you can see they really thought this through and by thought I mean they thought about money first and nothing else.

While there are now virtually uncountable fire issues with the meters as shown here:

the TOU issue raised another point brought forth by Fire Fighters in Britain in this article

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This is of great concern first and foremost because we know that smart meters put lots of dirty power onto lines and transients in our power systems are literally getting worse by the day. This is laid out in the report here and here and also touched on in the above video.

Of course. In British Columbia, we have the utility BC Hydro paying top Fire Chief Len Garis seen here…Len Garis.048

…to write a report absolving the utility and the meter maker of any fire issues (as in 5 separate arcing issues caused by meters or utilities) despite the laws of electricity telling us otherwise.

In a new video out soon, I will be showing you the money behind why Garis wrote that report at the exact time the fires were being reported in BC and are now to numerous too count. Including the BC Liberal connection to the Fire Fighters pension and how the Liberals used their Pensions as a clearing house to put the very Fire Fighters Garis is supposed to protect in danger on the job and in their own homes. Amazing what money can do right?

I also explain why ALL utilities are forcing liability onto people who didn’t even want the meters because they have already ‘counted the data chicken before it hatched’ and want to book those Trillions (yes Trillions) in profits.

This is why you burning alive in your own home means nothing. Stocks and Bonds of utilities owned by Government Pension funds (who legislate the meters) need to be made whole as utilities are not selling enough power. (see chart below)


Or, BC Decade Data From this excellent Blog:

Keep in mind, populations across USA and BC have been growing the whole time, so usage is in decline. Yes, if you figured it out by now, your house is now a fire hazard to keep shareholders (see pension funds) happy.

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So the data (which by their own admission is worth more than the power they sell) becomes the primary revenue stream and the ability to do that is provided by the smart meter. Case in point:

“I think the data is going to be worth a lot more than the commodity that’s being consumed to generate the data,” said Miles Keogh, director of grants and research at the National Association of Regulatory Utility Commissioners.   (More Here)


New Video will be out soon where I will explain all of this in full and it will ‘all make sense’

Stay Tuned!

P.S. If you like solutions and feel good stories (if you don’t there is something wrong with you) check out this video! Imagine if the billions being wasted on IPP contracts went to something productive instead of making Liberal campaign donors rich off your money!