The new envelopes from BC Hydro arriving in community mail boxes, like all others before them, are NEW OFFERS to contract – an issue of “consent to contract” vs. “no consent to contract”.

As you know, in law, one always has a 3 day redemption period to “return to sender” any alleged offer to contract.

These envelopes have a florescent orange date stamp running along the bottom, identifying the date the envelope was processed by Canada Post for delivery. When an envelope is “returned to sender” and Canada Post date stamps the envelope with a black ink stamp, it immediately STOPS THE RUNNING of the “alleged” contract offer.

Simply return “void for defect” – as per past instructions.

Or better yet… DO NOT OPEN the envelope at all. You already know what will be written inside.

Simply hand write or better yet type onto a white label…


… and then place that sticker over the envelope window obscuring the “account name and address”.

Now make a photocopy of the envelope with the label on it and go to the Post Office with both the envelope and photocopy. There is no need to have the Post Office stamp a “return to sender” stamp onto the envelope. All that is required is a black DATE STAMP on the front of the envelope. Have the Postal Clerk also DATE STAMP your photocopy for your record. Now make a photocopy of the date stamped “copy” and post it at your front door and meter.


You have multiple “lawful” defaults (estoppel by acquiescence) against them. In law, you have the lawful POWER in your hands.

All of your notices (COR, NOD, NOFD-BCH, NOFD-LGIC, NOD-MCP), were addressed to BC HYDRO which includes all agents and co-parties, the CROWN and HER MAJESTY’S GOVERNMENTS—which includes PROVINCIAL, FEDERAL and MUNICIPAL. They “collectively” had the opportunity to challenge your lawful claims by rebuttal. They “collectively” abandoned their right to do so and as such, abandoned any “procedural colour of right” they alleged to possess. Simply put, they did not refute any of your “substantive lawful claims” and thus you are the only one possessing a lawful claim of right to your analogue meter. They also agreed “collectively” by default, that they WILL NOT put you, your private property or your meter into their smart meter program or meter choices program. They have unlawfully extorted fees from you by putting you into duress with threats of doing harm to you – which violates your lawful rights to peaceful enjoyment of private property under common law.

There is NO DEBATE – your analogue meter is your lawfully claimed private property.

FYI… One of us went to an RCMP office to question them on common law vs. statutory law late last year. Following are some of those statements and responses.

“The utility easement ends at the roadside”.
The response received was, “Yes”. 

“My private land, my house and all of my private property contained on my private land are under common law and are not under statutory law.”
The response received was, “Yes”. 
“No corporation, which includes government agents, can force any product and/or any service contract onto myself, my land, my house or my private property contained on my private land without my consent.”
The response received was, “Yes”. 
“If any corporation, which includes the CROWN, trespasses on my private land against my will, I can demand they leave immediately and if they do not, I can lawfully defend myself, my land, my house and any private property contained on my private land from any harm,
or I can contact the police under tort law to act on my behalf to physically remove and or arrest the trespasser.
The response received was, “Yes”. 

Again… there is NO DEBATE – your analogue meter is your lawfully claimed private property.

Clearly, we can see that the all capitals “account name and address” written onto BC Hydro’s letter/notice, viewed through the envelope window, is linked to the “utility easement at the roadside” either buried in a trench or carried by pole overhead. It is not linked to you, your private land, house or private property contained on your land. Of interest here is that the “metes and bounds” of your private land (perimeter markers) are not registered into the Land Title Office. This leads us to SEE what they are actually registering into Land Title is not your private land – but rather is the “utility easement” that they intentionally place at the front edge of your land, at the roadside. Think about that? When you purchased your land, you did so by way of a private purchase agreement with the previous owner (generally through a realtor) that is never registered into Land Title. You will also note that the document that is registered into Land Title MUST be completed by either a lawyer or a notary.

Did you know that the original document you sign at the Notary or Lawyer’s office, remains in the office of that lawyer or notary as an agent of the government and is never deposited into Land Title? The only signature on your alleged Land Title Certificate, mailed to you by the Notary or Lawyer is the signature of the Registrar. Did the notary or lawyer disclose this fact to you when you signed?

Did the notary or lawyer explain to you that it is they who create the “joinder” between an extract of your given name(s) “attorned” into an all capital letters (PERSON) and a strip of your land at the roadside (ADDRESS / POSTAL CODE) into a utility easement – where all government and corporate service providers are granted a “right of way” as “tenants”? Or did you believe you were registering title of your private land and house through something called “fee simple”?

Have you ever received a letter from one of these service providers, soliciting business, where they actually refer to themselves as your neighbour?

What is “joinder”… Joining or coupling together; uniting two or more constituents or ele- ments in one; uniting with another person in some legal step or proceeding.

What is “attorn”… In modern law. To consent to the transfer of a rent or reversion. A tenant is said to attorn when he agrees to become the tenant of the person to whom the reversion has been granted.

source   Law Dictionary: (Black’s Law Dictionary)

Isn’t it interesting when you start to see what is actually going on here? All of these ALL CAPITAL NAMES are either extracted from a BIRTH CERTIFICATE registered at Vital Statistics (linked to name and vitals) or a UTILITY EASEMENT registered at Land Title (linked to Name(s), Address and Postal Code). Community mail boxes are located on utility easements also. All of these utility easements run with postal access roads which in the Land Title Act are defined as “Highways”. Did you know that a Postal Truck has the highest “right of way” on any road?

All of these “service providers” whether for mail, electrical, water, sewer, gas, telephone, cable, garbage pickup, mortgage, traffic enforcement, etc, are all servicing you and your land through the “right of way” of that UTILITY EASEMENT. If appears that they have no more authority over you and your private property than a bug or animal that enters onto your land. If a bug or animal becomes a pest, you can rid your land of it. Likewise you have the lawful right to rid your land of any trespass pest.

Also the Utility Easement is that service providers responsibility to maintain or repair. If damage occurs i.e. broken pipe – that Utility service provider is responsible to repair the damage to the easement. However, any damage that occurs outside of that easement, even if it occurs as a result of the easement, is covered by one’s home insurance provider who then has the ability to recoup losses from said service provider. WHY? Because your private land, house and property are not the “easement”! The insurance service provider has a right of way through that utility easement. Hence the SCAM. It was always right before our eyes and for whatever reason we never fully saw it.

What has been registered at Land Title is a utility service agreement for “tenants in common” which grants a “right of way” to utilities (government and corporations) to provide services to the land – and to charge not only service costs – but also taxes and a host of interest, fees and penalties.

IT IS ALL ABOUT CONTRACT and NO CONTRACT – your agreement or your disagreement. They provide the service to the utility easement – and you use the service when you retrieve mail from the community mail box, turn on your tap, plug into an electrical outlet, turn on a gas appliance, put out your garbage for collection, flush your toilet, etc. They charge to service the utility easement as well as any utility service supply you extract.

Its all about the NAME and the UTILITY EASEMENT POSTAL ADDRESS. Every one of these ACCOUNT NAMES / ADDRESSES is actually identifying that UTILITY EASEMENT!

You, your land, your house and your private property contained on your private land ARE NOT the UTILITY EASEMENT. The Utility Easement is under statutory law and you, your private land, your house and your private property located on your private land are under common law.

Again… there is NO DEBATE – your analogue meter is your lawfully claimed private property.