The more I look into this matter the more fascinating, unbelievable, scary and dozens of other descriptors this becomes.

Let’s start with some questions for you:
What do you know about CERN?

Perhaps better do you know the CERN exists?

What do you know about computing in other dimensions? (yes, that is a serious question)

What do you know about a computer that only Google, NASA and Lockheed Martin own?

Do you know the company that makes those computers are right in Burnaby BC?

All this stuff ties into the AI/pensions aspect I have been writing about on this blog. The year 2028 is the year, they are predicting that there will not be 1, single, thing a computer won’t do better than a human. Not just calculating, searching for data… everything.

This video is just stunning. 

Please watch this. This weekend, this month, this year, does not matter just do it. This is your glimpse into future. The future that has no use for you whatsoever. If you want to shoot a messenger, just make sure it’s not me.

I am fine if you call me alarmist or trying to ‘scare’ people. Well, it is not overly easy to scare people with knowledge. 

Here is some knowledge.

In fact, a date around 10 years from now.

It is coming. It will be Christmas, then new year, then January will go by, then you will be looking forward to the next 3 day weekend the garbage man will come some birthdays some funerals summer,  winter, summer, winter and then next thing you know it is 10 years later.  

It will be 2019 then 2023 then 2028. This is just the year they are saying…you are completely obsolete. There will be a lot of ‘partial obsolete’ from now until then.

When you are not needed for tasks, you have no job. That is where this is going.

If you do your homework on the trajectory here you will see these guys have been  very accurate and in fact there is nothing to say the timeline won’t be sooner. There have been TRILLIONS pumped into this stuff globally. 

No point worrying about feeding people when you want to compute in other dimensions (yep, I am still serious about that one)

Don’t take it from me, take it from the horses mouth:

Notice how it is always something to do with ‘energy efficiency’ or ‘medical advances’?

Don’t get me wrong, I am all for advancing science and tech. Safe Tech. I would be way more excited about advancing something like this if we had even a 1 year break as a planet from all wars. We have proven we will never take anything good and not use it for evil. We have proven we are more interested in destroying things then helping ourselves.

This is exactly what is going on here. As in, there is no coincidence that the only people that have coughed up the dough for this are a Government Agency (NASA) A company looking to dominate literally everything you do (Google) and a notorious weapons manufacturer that is doing way more than we will ever know (Lockheed Martin)

I’m going to keep this one short. If you want to be absolutely blown away about some of the stuff on this planet then watch some of the videos you will find on Youtube about CERN. I am not asking you to believe everything you here and see. What I am saying is that Netflix binge viewing or NFL football or whatever you are into has nothing on this. Nothing.

While I have done a lot  of homework on this matter the more you learn the more you see where this is being taken and more importantly why. There are religious components that many mix in with this also. Do some homework on CERN. What I have found is awesome with youtube is to go to the ‘Settings’ button and speed up time to 1.25 or 1.5 times faster. I also mention this (I’m serious about this also) because these guys are trying to alter realities, space and time via computers. Removing dark matter from other dimensions and bringing it into this one. Is there an angle to make this the ultimate weapon? Why on earth are they doing this?

I know, you think I am off my rocker (I don’t actually own one) if I say something like opening portals to other dimensions. Guess what? They have already done it, so it is real and happening… Already. This is by their own admissions that this is where they are going and what they have done. Do your own homework, these are just a couple picks to make it easy for you.

As they say, if you don’t plan your future, someone will gladly do it for you.

What is your plan?

If you don’t know your own, you might as well at least know theirs.