The is the detailed technical version of the issue of Smart Meter Fires. Covered in this video is: High Voltage Surges (the removal of the Surge Arrestors designed to protect your home) Lower Voltage Surges, Thinner Blades on Smart Meters, Remote Disconnect issues, Bad Installations and Installing Under Load. Keep in mind, for brevity I did not even mention the issues with Batteries in the meter or the advanced corrosion that meters can cause which BC Hydro is now admitting is happening with their very own power poles. The 2nd video posted below is an older one that talks about corrosion at  caused by RF/EMF studied by the US Air Force and others (12 minute) I also have a link from a fire in Ontario that just happened. The laws of electricity tell us this is not going to go away and in fact now may even be getting worse. It is up to us to educate our firefighters as utilities won’t and top brass are only concerned about getting their pensions.

Videos of the latest presentations done in Vernon and Kamloops will go over how the Liberals used the Firefighters pension fund as a clearing house to make them fortunes while putting firefighters and the general public at risk all under the blessing of BC’s top Fire Chief Len Garis. We hope to have those videos out in the next couple weeks and I am releasing this one now as I know people across the globe have been waiting months for this one!

Also discussed is the fact that towers are being put up literally meters from the fire halls these people work at in order to support the ever growing data transmission. As usual, it is not the people on the bottom of the scale that are the issue, it is the pencil pushers at the top who decide money is more important than those they are supposed to be serving and protecting. This video is dedicated to ALL Firefighters who now have to face the dangers that BC Hydro, BC Liberals, CAI Capital Management and the BCIMC have put them in.

Fast Forward to 12 min mark for part on corrosion.

Ont. Smart Meter Fire March 25th 2016