What if I said to you there were some very simple, cost effective things you could do to improve your physical health and financial health?

What if you learned that in the process of doing this you can have positive effects on other people’s health and well being?

What if you learned that sometimes these are one offs that you would only have to do once now to get benefits forever?

No sit-ups, gym fees, punch cards, food restrictions all the stuff that loses it’s appeal on January 2nd. 

What if these simple steps would also improve the environment?

No gimmicks, no registration, no monthly credit card debit for vitamins. No treadmill that turns into a $1500 coat rack that you could have sold to someone else on Kijiji who wants a barely used $700 coat rack. 

It’s too good to be true right?

It actually isn’t.

I am going to give you some links to a friend of mine’s site that shows you exactly what to do and how easy it is. Even if you did 1 thing you would be in a much better condition. If you found a way to incorporate 1 a week for a couple weeks… even better.

These links are good because they are also things you can forward to help others learn not only why they should do these things, but how.

We typically find ourselves saying  ‘I know this is an issue, but what can I do’ My response to that question is ‘Anything but nothing’ As in doing nothing will make sure it continues, things only change through action. 

I am really hopeful that by now most of you know the gravity of the situation we are moving into with technology. No doubt, it has it’s benefits for efficiencies and all else.

That said there are safe ways to use it we should be picking the safe way vs. the harmful way.

Can a simple cheap cable really help my health and improve my internet speeds and ensure greater privacy? Yes, it can and it is easy to do.

Best part is? You can eliminate 2 sources of microwaves instantly and permanently. You have removed the RF source of your router AND your computer. The hardest part about all this might be getting the cable out of the box without using a box cutter to get through the plastic!

Is it important where my computer is in my home? Is it important my choice of keyboard? Desktop or Laptop? Yes there are subtle, easy steps that can make a big difference. We are on our computers constantly for one reason or another. Sometimes it is our source of income and we are in ways chained to it 5-10 hours 5-7 days a week. That is a lot of potential for cumulative damage from multiple forms of EMF’s and Microwaves.

What if moving your PC Tower out from under your legs where you sit could help you? Hint: It will. These typically generate large Electro Magnetic Fields. Rule of thumb is that distance is your friend.

If you absolutely must use wi-fi all the time did you know that getting a power bar to easily click the little redish orange button can reduce your RF exposure by over 30%?

It’s 9 o’clock, you are done with the computer for the night. Turn it off (save power) and shut off your router with the power bar (if access to the back of the router to turn it off is in any way difficult) you can simply simply click the power bar and save a little power from the router but also for roughly 8 hours of your day you are not getting RF from the router.


We waste roughly $80-$120 000 000 000 (Billion) on power just to have devices connected… on standby. So the environmental impacts of these small steps are huge for all of us.

How many people out there will literally sit down at their home office/work station/game centre and have these things:

Wi-Fi router (on) Cordless phone jack (on) Wi-Fi for computer (on) Feet or body very close to tower (that is on) Wireless printer (on) and typically a cell phone in their pocket or very close to them (on).

Can you see how all this compounds and works against your body? This is a picture I like to use that shows the sources of radiation and speaks to my point about you possibly protecting multiple people at the same time from these sources of bad health:


Sure, there are things that might be out of control for us to just turn off and move somewhere else… like a cell tower or smart meter router. Putting this aside not only do we have these frequencies on top of everything else affecting the frequency that is us, but if we decide not to do what we can in our own home, then we cannot expect anyone else to reduce our exposure.

There are  a few places we spend most of our time. Home, Work, School. ALL these places are extremely microwave generators for 90% of them.

We need to give our bodies a break from this stuff. We still have the choice to do this in our own homes while we work on things like smart meters, wi-fi in schools etc. We still need to spread the message. 

Most importantly we need to act and act now. We don’t have any excuses if we cannot be bothered to spend $10 for a power bar and maybe  $10 for a cable that would drastically cut our risk and exposure. You can now actually do all this stuff without leaving your house via online ordering.

Simply put, there is no excuse for not doing this for yourself and your loved ones. Why? Because there is an alternative.

It is cheap, easy and they only take a tiny amount of time. It has a positive cumulative effect on the health of so many people around you that you care about. Imagine someone comes to your house and sees what you are doing, then they do it and so on?

Here is what I have come to believe is the biggest and easiest tip for you that might be the biggest impact on your health of anything you have done. Seriously.

Shutting off the breaker to your sleeping areas at night. I will bypass not sleeping with your cell phone under your pillow and also getting your cordless phone out of your sleeping area (preferably your entire house).

I have spoken with lots of people who go around testing this stuff and they all say and do the same thing in general. They want to know where you sleep and test the fields of your wiring that is generated by having the circuit ‘on’ or ‘energized’

Screen Shot 2016-12-30 at 12.45.11 PM.jpg

Most often people’s heads are sitting in a large field for 8 hours a day. Not good. 

To de-energize that part of your household grid, you literally just flick the corresponding switch on your panel. If you don’t know which is which, have a friend come over and go through them with you.

It’s very easy. Then you can label them and know for the future. Don’t be afraid of your panel. It is really not much different than a light switch, just shuts off and on more things. Some people shut the entire thing off (and yes this is fine for your fridge or freezer) but you don’t really have to do this. At minimum, find the one for your sleeping areas of you and your family. Yes, there are other outlets in your house you can plug in your alarm clock.

I cannot express enough how many people I have suggested this to and get an email or bump into them somewhere and they all say how their headaches, lack of sleep, irritability… whatever either went away completely or reduced dramatically by this simple step. I have heard the same from people who take their cordless out of their room completely. Once people do, feel, see the results they start to ‘get it’ regarding how electricity effects the electrical body that is you.

Lastly, for parents, please consider the power of that cell phone you are giving your kids. They are not toys. It is not a productive ‘education’ device. In fact there is tonnes to show how bad they are for kids. This is an excellent piece on the effects on the brains of children on top of the 1000’s of studies and reports that have come out for decades and the ones that come out almost daily now warning us about the physical and psychological effects, learning disabilities and all else.

Most often in life, we think our solutions are this big complicated thing and often enough that puts our brains and bodies into a shutdown mode of ‘why even start it’s too hard’ The other angle is that we want to see all these big changes, but we don’t do the big ones unless you do the small ones. I say it all the time and I do it because I believe it: We have more power over our health and money than we think. Even if we don’t feel we have as much as we want, we at least have to pursue what we can.

I hope this year was your best, and I hope that this one will be even better. I can guarantee you if you take these small steps, or even just a couple of them, you will be better off.

Thanks for reading this blog today and any other time over the year. Looking forward to big things at this site and in other areas!