Just about all of you know about one of the announcements that I am working with Dan Dicks at Press For Truth to help him get out the good word and also to help me get the good word out to more people. Definitely a win-win!

The second announcement, some of you know, but for the others… I won’t spoil it. Something I have been thinking about all the way back to 2013 but decided to pull the trigger on this year.

My site will be up soon and I will be ramping up video production and also my skill set to talk about this arena moving forward. I am currently setting up my studio in the coming days so stay tuned for more and better videos.

For now you can find me on Twitter and Patreon

There is no doubt I will need help and our team is being assembled as we move forward. Please contact me if you can help, provide resources and so on.

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