Time Magazine just released an excellent piece that everyone with a child in school, or that pays taxes should read.

In summary, they expose the ongoing scam of converting our teachers and children into data generators. ‘Education’ is the very last priority in the end. The end goal will reach multiple objectives. Some that are obvious today and others that if you are not watching closely you might not see coming for they are part of longer term plans.

When you own companies that provide these devices or are a trustee, administrator pension fund manager etc. your view and  scope must look many years into the future.  

My guess is you know the government is pretty big and as odd as it seems that they might do any planning considering how bad their results normally are, one thing they are good at planning is making money for themselves and their buddies while losing it for you. That is the case here with the education system just like it is with the smart grid.

When you read an article like this one here, it looks innocent enough and of course is just ‘looking out for our kids’ in an ‘ever changing world’ to ‘prepare them for the future’ 

This is an excerpt from the article:

“It’s a bit scary for parents because it’s not how they learned,” she said. “It’s scary for teachers too because it’s not how we learned. But it’s the way of the future. It’s a paradigm shift because we are not seen as the holders of the knowledge. Kids can find things out for themselves but we need to teach them how to validate information they may get from the Internet, how to maintain a balance in an ever changing world, how to listen and work with others. Kids need to learn how to problem solve, they don’t need to memorize steps in solving a math problem.”

(by ‘work with others’ they mean iPads since they will be glued to their screens and not want to talk with anything that doesn’t have bright flashing lights)

What is the truly scary thing here?

Teachers have no idea how quickly they are being phased out of the equation.

Remember, this is about long term planning. You can see this everywhere from large corporations to small businesses. Lawyers, Doctors, Drivers… everything is being replaced by computers.

Teachers, whether you want to believe it or not the bullseye is on you. In BC, my guess is you would know that this bullseye has been on your back for more than a decade, nothing has changed.


The problem for teachers, just like most other jobs in Banking, Finance, Agriculture, Dining,is that now a truly viable low cost alternative that does not want a pension and can be purchased to increase share value of pension fund holdings that never has sick days, never goes on strike and, most importantly can track, log, store, manage and SELL ALL THE DATA on a child, is here.

They are the iPad, Routers, Smart Boards and all the rest of the gears that make up this data machine which your child plays a critical (unpaid) role in.

When you look at the TIME article, you will notice that learning outcomes are worse and the best education systems like Finland… don’t even use this stuff. Just like Silicon Valley CEO students don’t. 

At this point I wanted to highlight something you have likely seen before to give you perspective. This comes from the utility side.

We are talking about a $2+ TRILLION a year electricity sales industry, where the industry regulators, in their own words tell us ‘the DATA is going to be worth more than the commodity sold’

We are just talking about data on for fridge open, fridge close, TV on TV off. Basic binary ‘noise’ compared to knowing every single thing about a child from birth to adulthood and beyond. 

Recall also the whole smart grid is to ‘prepare us for the future of energy’ (selling data instead of power) and ‘ensure a better world for our children’ (by children we mean us and by better we mean better profits) which are virtually the same lines as the education industry are churning out.

Why might that be? Well, simple: It is the same players at the top of the game in both cases so of course the propaganda machine is the same. They are well aware that slogans like ‘Smart’ Meter or ‘Smart’ Board and the rest are simply interchangeable.


We have ‘Smart Bread’ and ‘Smart Water’ for crying out loud. Smart can be used for anything these days. Anything the makes a buck.

Every single jurisdiction is going down this road.  Virtually everywhere, schools are closing and teachers are on strike every other year (it’s not just BC)


Simple: Attrition.

The goal for a long time has been to weaken teacher unions. Just like the smart grid, it was only a matter of time before a viable option came around to harness the power of that data. Attrition.

Teachers, pop quiz: Can you remember every single thing every child has ever done in your class, every click, thought, word typed, search?


To them you are virtually (no pun intended) obsolete since you can’t perform the above functions. 

Another quote from the article: “The teacher’s role has become a guide on the side instead of a director at the front of the class. There is lot of self-directed learning, teaching creative and critical thinking, personal and social skills and communication.

Note: There are piles of studies showing how use and overuse of tech is destroying social skills, critical thinking, personal interactions and the ability to communicate. You almost wonder if this person literally read a government handbook word for word to the reporter?

If something is ‘self directed’ does it need someone else’ (Teacher) help?

If helping kids learn is no longer required and that is the primary duty for which you get paid, how long before that which is no longer required ends up being the person getting paid for the job?

If the need for you to perform this function decreases by 50% so does the need for that many employees, or at minimum the total number can stay the same, but compensation would have to shrink to match.  Just the numbers talking.


Aside from that, you can clearly see what I call ‘getting pushed off the stage’  It is like an actress who is centre stage, then is replaced by the younger, prettier, smarter, better version of herself, gets a side role, then eventually has no part because she just doesn’t fit the bill anymore and the director lets her know ‘we want to move in another direction’.

None of this happens overnight and just like a long time professional athlete that gets the cut its never ‘real’ until it happens.

Usually starts with less hours, smaller roll, less ice time… which is in line with the theatre/team owner saying ‘you need to work for less pay since now, you are only in this smaller role’ and if they don’t like it, they can walk. (strike) Sound familiar?

No one is saying there is never going to be even 1 teacher  in schools. However, if you can pay $200 000/year to get rid of 10 teachers at $60 000+/year and get the iPads, routers, software, cybersecurity, educational programs  as  trustee, the trustees, administrators and elected officials have a ‘fiduciary responsibility’ to make that happen. 

Now, when you look at this outside of ethics and strictly as money, you see the reason for the attrition, so that when this picks up steam, teachers will be at their weakest point to defend themselves due to strikes and their legal costs, and union weakening via school closures.

Yes, it is a long term strategy magically converging perfectly on itself  as the software/computers get better, all of a sudden the less teachers and schools we need, the less money we have for teachers while spending on their replacements increases exponentially.

Isn’t it weird how this happens accidentally on purpose?


That’s all this is. Computers remember everything, they are cheaper, faster, immune to microwave radiation (your kids are not) and make Teachers Pension Fund Holdings through the BCIMC increase in value since across Canada, USA and the rest they are ALL buying into the $60 BILLION Hoax.

Teachers and parents alike can do something very simple to see this direction, besides watch it all unfold in the next couple years.

Walk around inside your school. Look at all those CISCO routers, look at the SHAW wi-fi hot spot routers. Step in a class and see the SMART BOARD. Watch a Blue Jays game and see it is no longer  pencil crayons that are essential but cell phones for every child.


Look at the APPLE iPads in the classrooms. Look at the SAMSUNG and APPLE smart phones in every kids bag. Look at the GOOGLE chrome books, find out who the educational software providers (MICROSOFT) are. Who is providing the Cloud Services (IBM) to store this data forever? Who generates the power (IPP’s) and who provides the equipment (GE) for that? It goes on and on down the money line from your wallet, to theirs.


Then, do something very easy and simple. If you are teacher, you have easy access to this info since it is you who are putting money into it. Go look at your pension plan holdings and if you can’t find out that I will give you 2 examples HERE and HERE that just about every pension fund mirrors to the dollar. One is CALPERS (California) and the other is the BCIMC. (British Columbia)

It is in alphabetical order so, if you want to find APPLE in the BCIMC it is near the top. In Just stocks, in this one Pension fund (of the $25 TRILLION pension fund industry) they have $331 MILLION in shares in 2014 alone. One company, one fund.


You can look at all of them as well, CPP, Ontario Teachers Pension Plan, doesn’t matter, you will find the same thing as the Smart Grid industry which in many ways is the same, because as mentioned, it is the exact same players.

Look at the questions below, answer them honestly as an employee, parent and also through the lens of a Trustee/ Administrator /Elected Official.

How about the government showing the millennials, gen xers and baby boomers that think you are ‘glorified babysitters’ that you are not required because the iPad they sleep with at night as their own baby can do more than you can? How weakened are you because of endless strikes, closures and budget cuts?

Can you sell data?

Are you more powerful, influential and do you donate more to campaigns of parties in power (or wanting power) than Google, Apple, Microsoft? 


What is your share price value to your pension fund (your contributions are nice for them, but what other ROI do your provide)?

How many sick days, leaves are you entitled to and what is the cost of that vs. and iPad, router and software that don’t need that?

If you add up the cost/year/day/month of your faculty vs. a bunch or routers, iPads, software… which is cheaper… and which can store data, you? Or the ‘education grid’

With all the strikes, closures and the rest that have happened in BC (or wherever you are) DO YOU REALLY THINK THE GOVERNMENT SEES YOU AS AN ASSET… or a LIABILITY?

Who runs your pension plan?

Companies that are heavily invested in by your government (Banks) who are even more heavily invested in Apple, Google etc? And don’t you find it odd that all these companies magically pay no taxes to maximize revenue yet their never seems to be enough money for teachers, schools and the like? I’m sure you are like me in thinking it somewhat strange how it is always the same names, everywhere.


If you are on the wrong side of all the answers of those questions simply put, you are not on the right side of the future. If you are a teacher you are not part of future government plans. At minimum, your role is going to be reduced to as close to zero as possible.

Lastly (and admittedly this is a bit more complicated) If most government debt is going into negative rates and ALL pension funds are getting crushed by low returns and are desperate for any yield/ROI they can find to make up for that loss and Tech companies provide, consistently some of the best returns of any industry or asset class.


So where do you think the money is going to go? (Hint, not investing in you, our kids education or overall education) but replacing you with a cheaper alternative that generates data to be sold.

As noted in the video below, the Internet of Things and Big Data are going to be a $14 TRILLION a  year industry.


Can you produce returns like that for investors? Or are you just an ‘investor’ for them to get those returns while scheming to increase those returns via replacing you?

We are in the data frontier. Just like the smart grid and just like land claims in the past, if someone is already there and there is enough money to be made, anything and everything will be done to get rid of what  is in the way. Teachers, to them, you are in the way of all that money.

These iPads and routers and all the companies are simply staking their claim and ensuring they are getting as close to the water (data) and most fertile grounds (children) to ensure their prosperity.

If the data goes to some paper test or maybe to a teacher who will not remember it, that is lost data that can’t be sold. How do you generate revenue? Selling stuff.(data) that is why you always see  ‘stay connected’ because the more connected you are, the more money they make. Now, it’s your kids turn.


How do you generate even more revenue? Find more stuff (data) to sell.

How do you do that? Create software that generates the maximum returns. (data)

If data goes into a Chrome Book, on Microsoft Educational Software, with a Cisco router and Shaw as the internet service provider to be sold to 3rd party Marketing Firms then they become the ones who have claim and title on the data on the Entire School Life of your child. Wow.

If you think for 1 second that any ‘savings’ from reducing teachers will translate into lower taxes… you are wrong. What it will do is give the governments more money to buy more gadgets, increase pay for TRUSTees, high paid Administrators and Pension Fund Managers.

For those of you that have concerns about the massive amounts of microwave radiation required to make this system work, well you (teachers) and yours (your kids) are simply just collateral damage on the way to money land.

A very important point I will pose a question about and touch in a future article is this:

Quoted from article: ‘but we need to teach them how to validate information they may get from the Internet’

Consider this Google is now an administrator in schools, Legally.

No one will ever need to evaluate information that comes in, if that information is ‘pre-validated’ by the administrator, who now, instead of approving text books, approves the information that comes into the child’s eyes.

Just so happens, that ‘administrator’ is actually the information provider and one of the single largest investments of the company that hired it (school boards and their pension plans)

It also happens to be one of the most influential companies on the planet that is a large contributor to campaign funds of elections who make legislation that makes it so they don’t pay taxes and also approves curriculum for children.

Think about that.

Now think, what has been proven to be the single largest thing that can influence an election? Search Engines. And who is the largest search engine on the planet? Google.

Google is now your child’s Teacher. Google will be telling your child more than you and knowing more about your child than you do.

This, among other topics in this video below. It is more detailed, yet easy to understand.

On the BC Hydro/Utility side, the massive amounts of energy required to store all this data on your children is astounding and they are already creating carbon schemes that will steal even more money from schools and hospitals and hand it over to big industry who donates to BC Liberals or (insert party in power in your area here) in order make sure this machine gets the money and power (electricity) to generate the revenue needed to ensure fund returns. This is great for utilities since this will prop slumping power demand that has been happening for decades.

This means more IPP’s or Site C’s and back door subsidies to all your favourites like Fracking Companies and Pipelines/Big Oil. (Who all just happen to be heavy investments of all those government operated funds)

Did you really think Carbon Schemes would do anything but benefit government holdings? Did you really think they would lie, cheat and steal with everything else they have ever done but magically do things for the public good on this file? Of course not. They only look out for their own. That is their investments.

It is why it this video is called Money Talks, because all you have to do is follow the money, if you don’t know where to look are where you would even start, not to worry all that has been done for you. Once you know this, you can truly understand who’s future is really being looked after: