This ever changing saga is starting to unfold exactly the way it always does: The way the money wants it to. Greed, Elitism, Bankers and all the rest set to make billions off of both Opioids and Pot. The pot they want to sell of course is ‘synthetic’ because it can be patented and trademarked and sold.

The same companies that were spending fortunes to keep Cannabis and CBD illegal are now looking to cash in on ‘synthetic’ weed. They just so happen to be some of the worlds biggest opioid dealers responsible for 10’s of 1000’s of deaths across North America.

While mom and pop dispensaries are being busted to ‘protect our kids’ pharma CEO’s haven’t so much has had hand cuff walk in their building.

Those who voted for Trudeau should have known he would do the same thing he always which is? Lie. Bill Blair and Trudeau have no concern about kids, for if they did, their immediate attention would be on the Opioid crisis ravaging our country, our resources and hospitals.

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It has been 5 years and countless deaths since the above article. ALL major parties have sat around and watched this happen along with the media because pharma money is their bread and butter and pension funds make a killing on the Opioid ROI.

Synthetic Pot = Cure All         Natural Cannabis, CBD = Scourge of Humanity  (or so we’re told)