Well, people are getting letters/notices from BC Hydro. The game that many of us saw coming the prolonged attrition of ‘choice’ into a smart meter is likely in its first stages of coming around.

BC Hydro, despite that fact that virtually anyone can get an analogue meter online 24/7 is now saying they are ‘out of “legacy” meters’ (as in the meters that only need to be replaced once every 40 years vs 6-8 times) and are now stuck with having to give you a smart meter… or cut your power. Amazingly enough, some people who had their analogue replaced just weeks or months ago are now getting letters saying that meter is ‘magically’ also expired and needs to be replaced and there are no more ‘legacy’ meters.

Perhaps our government is too busy giving soon to be bankrupt companies discounts on hydro in exchange for campaign donations by billionaires to find analogue meters…who knows.

What I do know is a very large amount of people are starting to go solar to either get closer to off grid or just cut the cord completely. What I also know is that BC Hydro AND Fortis are wanting to move ahead with increases (on top of 28% over 5 years that we are about to see the next increase) for TOU (time of use) billing.

I have done some homework on this and I am amazed at how much cheaper and more efficient it can be and some of the breakthroughs they have had.

Suggestion is to look into this for yourself and depending on where you are, I do know some quality people in a few areas that will help you. Each time rates go up, these investments get more attractive and when you do some simple math, rates are set to go WAY higher or if not that, some other form of tax, fee, levy, charge to pay for the insanity at BC Hydro.

YOU ARE GOING TO PAY. WE ARE GOING TO PAY if we don’t get together and deal with the cronyism and waste by the Liberals and BC Hydro. I have a video coming out soon that highlights some of this and the fires aspect of the meters.

All this being said, here are some instructions for you regarding what you may have received most recently:

First thing I see is that it is coming from BC Hydro Power Smart and not BC Hydro for Generations.
Second, AGAIN as in the MCP letter September 2013, there is no “BC” written in the meter services address.

Third I notice that in the first line they are making a claim of ownership by stating… “exchange our electricity meter”
Fourth I also note that they are not using the term “old meter” – rather “electricity meter” – so they are also reclassifying the meter under a “new name” so in their legal view, they can allegedly act outside of your COR notices. THEY CAN NOT!
Fifth I notice that the seal has now changed from being an alleged “tag” to now being an alleged seal of some sort, on the back of the meter – which would have to be removed from the base to be identified. Interesting indeed – since that would allegedly put the meter into their hands and thus allegedly into their possession.
Sixth I notice that they state that all installers are fully qualified and carry ID. What qualification(s)? Based on what exactly? It does not identify.
Now we see that the meter designation changes from “electricity meter” to “legacy meter”.
They do not state you are “enrolled into the legacy meter program” – rather that you are allegedly “using a legacy meter”.
So now they are trying to get you again into the alleged “legacy meter program” by offering you the “option” to SWITCH to a smart meter or radio off at a fee.
Same re-contracting game – new approach.
Now here is the most telling thing of all.
It states in bold…
“Do I need to do anything?”
So we see visible evidence, plain and simple, that they are in fact writing to themselves (account name and number) in the hope that you will consent on their behalf. That is exactly why they use the word “i” and then in the next sentence change it quickly to “you”. 
They also state… “As described above, you will be receiving receiving a radio-off meter by default”. 
See how it is written exactly on the page…
Do I need to do anything?
As described above, you will be receiving a radio-off meter by default.
Who is described directly above??? it is “I” not “you”.
Do you see their trickery!
You will return within 3 days as per usual.
On notice (all pages)… in red ink, simply write VOID FOR DEFECT as per usual.
Then write as per usual in red… 
On envelope… in red ink, write on a white label that will fit over the window…
Place the sticker over the envelope window to obscure the name/address. 
Make a photocopy of the notice and the envelope
Now put the original marked notice into the envelope and re-seal it.
Take the re-sealed envelope and your photocopies to the post office
Ask the clerk to date stamp the re-sealed envelope and date stamp your photocopy of the envelope and notice.
They are hoping you will acquiesce – so they can gain jurisdiction “oath spoken”.
The meter itself has not expired – and their “seal” claim is a proven “FRAUD”.
It is you who has the power in law under a lawful claim of right over possession of meter – not them!
They only have colour of right.
You have possession – on your private property which is under common law – not statutory law. Easements (buried or overhead utilities) END AT THE ROAD SIDE.
It is recommended that you always have a photocopy of your NOD-MCP available, to immediately serve to  anyone who attempts to show up against your claim of right. 
If you are not home, it is advisable to post a copy at the meter. Don’t forget to take a new dated picture of your meter also for your record – showing poster etc posted.