If it costs money, it can’t be free thus, there is no free press. People operate on two basic things: Fear and Self Interest. The ‘free’ press has always been used to generate fear in us to for the self interest of all the parties you know well.

I’m not going to waste your time explaining to you the details of what is going in with the ‘fake’ news agenda. If you have been paying any attention over the last couple months, you know this already. Every Alternative Media site, blog, whatever has been covering this in detail.

What we are going to do is cover an angle no one has brought up yet. I am sure you are aware of this:

Screen Shot 2017-01-04 at 9.01.02 PM.jpg

However, when you look at this one might go into thinking that this is the top of the food chain for both the news flow and the money flow. It’s not.

We are all told since childhood to follow the money, the question is: How far do you follow it? 

Answer: All the way, all the time.

If you want to go all the way on this one you end up right back where you always do which is the government.

Let’s see how this works. 

Screen Shot 2017-01-05 at 9.02.40 AM.jpg

If you are one to follow money, this is the shortcut to the pot of gold. Doesn’t get much bigger than $25 TRILLION does it? 

Even if we break it down to the top 300 funds it is still $15 Trillion. For our North American readers USA is #1 and Canada #5 in assets for perspective. The USA is also #1 right now in their push for total control and censorship. EU and the rest of the world are not far behind as all governments function the same.

Primary tools for getting news are now Google, Twitter and Facebook. Is there a connection between Pensions, Governments and Media? You bet and it is huge.


First of all these massive companies don’t even pay taxes. They will always say ‘we don’t avoid paying taxes’ and, in a round about way they are not lying for if their taxes are $0.00 then they aren’t avoiding anything (except paying taxes) Just think, how are the largest most valuable companies in the world supposed to make a profit if they have to pay taxes? Afterall, that is what the peasants are for right?

Let’s take a look at just how much money that is. According to Bloomberg the total number is over $2 TRILLION.


Ok, so what does tech have to do with news? Well, in a nutshell, everything. Most people get their news either through their Facebook feed, Twitter or Google searching. If these companies (and a few others) control what you get to see, they are integral in censorship and spreading the fake news lie. (and they don’t pay taxes)

Is there a reason they don’t pay taxes? Yes, this would hurt Return On Investment (ROI) of government pension funds. This is also why companies like Exxon and other energy majors don’t pay taxes. So, for all you carbon tax people, they aren’t magically going to start getting taxed now to ‘stick it to them’ but it will be you, as always who pays.

So let’s take a peek into one of the world’s largest pension funds. Note, most other funds pay very close attention to what these guys do. It is called CALPERS. So despite the fact that CALPERS is grossly underfunded insolvent it is important for us to look here.

Noting the companies from the first graphic GE, Viacom, Disney, Time Warner and then those that spread that news Google, FB, Twitter. Remember this fund is owned by the government like all other funds, the same government that is calling for total control of censorship of all speech.

What helps boost returns for already insolent Pension Funds desperate for yield? Increasing profitability by NOT CHARGING TAXES!

Screen Shot 2017-01-05 at 9.37.54 AM.jpg

Again this is just one fund in the $25 TRILLION scheme. Since I am from BC I will point out the BCIMC which is another government pension plan. Again, always the same names no matter where you look:

Screen Shot 2017-01-07 at 8.53.14 AM.jpg

Whatever country, state, province, city, county you are in it is going to be about the same percentage wise the only difference will be in total dollar amounts.

Note also that this is just the equity/stock side and nothing to do with bonds which is a whole other story of Trillions. Amazon (who is owner of the kings of fake news, the Washington Post) is also in the game. That is mostly part of why it can drown out the competition… it pays no tax.  

Screen Shot 2017-01-05 at 9.42.34 AM.jpg

Now when a fund (owned by the government) owns this many shares you have to start thinking about proxy voting. Basically this entitles those with the highest amounts invested (stake) in the company to literally tell the company what to do, say, who it’s board members will be, what products they will put out and so on. Directly from the Calpers site:

‘As a long-term shareowner, CalPERS sees voting our proxies as the primary way we can influence a company’s operations and corporate governance. This is why it’s important for shareowners to vote and make their decisions based on a full understanding of publicly available information.’

Starting to see how this works? Don’t want to censor for us? Perhaps we might have to find a way to start charging you taxes or maybe we might need to have a coordinated dump of your shares and bonds.

That is exactly what it is a bond between to massive entities controlling virtually all things the most important of which is what goes into your paper, computer or phone which of course is what enters your mind. This is the meaning of the word government itself.


If KNOWLEDGE is POWER and you CONTROL then the CONTROL of KNOWLEDGE is the primary tool of maintaining POWER.

What do governments want most? POWER and CONTROL. This really isn’t rocket science.

Alas, it may come to pass that those that still trust this apparatus are finally seeing the real about the fake!

So how do these arrangements come about? Well if you have 3 of the 4 wings in the White House dedicated to your time it’s not overly hard is it?


And just what kind of money are we talking about here?

Screen Shot 2017-01-07 at 9.00.22 AM.jpg

What a total ‘coincidence’ all the same names that give so much pay so little?

When we see things like the just above we get into that mindset of ‘corporations are taking over the government’ well, the reality is there is no bigger corporation than governments themselves!

The biggest corporation in the USA is? The USA itself. Same with Canada or any other. You can find this out by a simple search. They are all SEC listed. This is just how the game works. I will show Canada and BC here as proof for now:


I have been showing quite a few things regarding big dollars and big business but at the end of the day business, relationships, sales, confidence and just about all else revolve around one thing: TRUST.

Imagine there was a town with about 50 000 people in it. It had all other amenities including a Dentist, Auto Mechanic and a Computer Store. They were the only game in town, just one of each. This happens because they were the only ones with enough capital to start these companies up. As time went by, bit by bit, day by day they got a little sloppier and cut corners. Their work slid, prices went up and instead of it being the odd rip off it started to get to 5% then 15% then 40%  and so on. 

Engines and computers didn’t work, teeth were always aching. But they did not care nor did the people have a choice. Then, one day someone came into town with a pile of money and helped open 4 new dentists, mechanic and computer stores over the course of a few years.

The same lies and bad work from the old guard. The same rip offs the total lack of trust.

All of a sudden the patients aren’t coming in there’s less engines needing repair and computers just don’t seem to be selling. Why? Because trust is gone and more importantly there is an alternative. So instead of refining their service and products the old guard runs to city council and pleads to have the new guard shut down.

In a nutshell this is exactly what happened with News and Government.

Screen Shot 2017-01-05 at 10.02.30 AM.jpg

Screen Shot 2017-01-06 at 12.04.44 PM.jpg

Screen Shot 2017-01-05 at 10.04.43 AM.jpg


We don’t trust them anymore. We really wanted to and just like being in a bad relationship we took the lies and deceit for a long time but then decided to leave for greener pastures and then in typical government scorched earth fashion the move is now being made to prop up what the market does not want at the expense of what the people (market) really  want.

This is how an alternative arrives by market forces. This is precisely why it is called Alternative Media.

Screen Shot 2017-01-05 at 10.44.50 AM.jpg

There is a small checklist which is applicable in all aspects of war like this one.

First: Cut off supplies (revenue from ads, people seeing the sites) 

Second: Make rules banning or stopping the ‘opposition’ (governments calling on tech companies they own to censor, shadow ban or outright distort reality.

Third: Physically detain or throw people in jail for bringing out the truth such as Snowden, Assange, Manning or whoever else comes to mind.

The fourth is the ugly one of just eliminating people or of course in the case of the Clintons (who are pushing hardest for this to happen to cover up their past) eliminating anyone from their past and that is a very long list. If you have not seen this video on that, it is a must watch.

I know there is more to this as I am into most of what you are into. The purpose was to shed some light on a totally different angle to this operation. To allow you to follow the money to the biggest pile. 

Screen Shot 2017-01-05 at 10.30.47 AM.jpg

I am not big into fearing anything, but we are well beyond a few papers but are moving into an entire machine of tech, papers and all the rest and it is way more than four.

We need only look at the past to see how quickly this can escalate as it always does in the same way every time. From the times when the church ruled the news to Nazi Germany to today and everything else in between. 

What delights me is there are things like Steemit and Patreon coming online that are helping people get the truth out and avoid censorship.

We can no longer believe that if you use things like your FB account to get the truth out that it will get to your friends.

Steemit lets you pick. Let’s you decide, let’s you trust and so on the way the free market and free press is supposed to be.

We need to be having open discussion about this in person, in our communities even telling our local papers (yes, owned by the same cartel) that we won’t take it, we won’t subscribe or click on their sites.

There can be no liars if there are no buyers. We really do now have legitimate free press and it scares the ____ out of the old guard. It also takes money out of their wallets reduces their capacity to scare us into submission and more importantly helps stop their agendas (self interest) that they have planned for us.

Democracy truly is not a vote every couple years but in your every decision, literally down to every click of your mouse.

We can enter a new age where truth wins out but we must all take action to make it happen.

Let’s do it.