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Yes, the above quotation gives us an idea of what is really going on. Most of us can clearly see that technology has or can have a roll in our classrooms that is just the evolution of society and education. Are computers bad? Not necessarily, they do open up a whole new world of learning.

What is interesting to me is that the very companies pushing this technology in the schools where your kids go… don’t put their kids in schools where this technology is! (perhaps they already know what the quote at the top of this post says) I say this partly because the public has known this since 2011 as noted in this NY Times piece and the OECD study was put out in 2015.


It has not been overly long since we had all our computers plugged in or hardwired. In fact, this technology is still in use today all over the world. This means of connecting computers has many benefits.

Internet connections are faster

It creates more jobs for tradespeople in installation

It reduces the ability for hackers to steal signals and monitor or spy on your kids

Most importantly to me (as it should be to you) it keeps the microwave radiation exposure out of the equation. Keep in mind that kids can spend around 1200 hours a year from age 5 to 18 being exposed to wireless laptops, iPads and high powered routers (sometimes right above their heads) When the ‘signals’ that should be running through wires into the computers are now being microwave blasted into the school, your kids become part of an electrical circuit they have no business being in.

Since the wired option is clearly available, faster and safer we wonder why is it not being used?

The answer to that question is simple and as we saw it has zero to do with ‘better learning’ or ‘connectivity’ it really comes down to one thing, which when it comes to kids it most certainly should not, MONEY


It is just so much easier to have someone come in and drop a router in the roof behind some roof tile or attach to a wall than hardwire everything in. Rather than think of the long term safety and health impacts of BOTH students and teachers, school boards, administrators and TRUSTees only think about costs. Sure, this should be first and foremost, however, long term it will cost more in the end with lower reading, writing, overall education and health care costs which we all have to pay.

Let’s take a real world look, This is a school right in the BC Interior:


Through the fence you can see a beast of a cell tower bathing these kids in radiation all day in school. But that is not enough.

You can also see the high powered router right on the roof literally feet where kids are supposed to be ‘learning’ (or creating data which is the goal)

Then, on top of that, there is another router inside the school, right on the other side of the wall where kids sit. Just outside of the school grounds, there is a smart meter collector router also.

Yet still this is not enough:


Public busses and school busses are now being equipped with high powered routers, and every kid needs an iPad (which sends and received data from the routers just over their heads and the heads of their teachers) So if you recall your school days I child can have 8-10 other students within a few feet of them. As in 8-10 iPads also. This causes exponential increases in exposures over more than a decade of school.

Walk to school? Fair enough:



Now of course, this is just for the time on way to/from and in school. What about when these kids get home:


To close, I wanted to ask you to simply click this PDF: WIRELESS SOUNDS it takes seconds and for me was such a wake up call into what we are being exposed to. When the PDF opens, in order to hear what you are being exposed to click the arrow and select ‘TRUST’ when prompted. You will hear the sounds of these common devices seen below most of you expose yourself to every. single. day. 

Link to PDF here also

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The reality is this, I don’t think anyone is saying ‘get rid of technology and go back to the stone age’ which is label that gets put on anyone that brings this up. We are simply saying select the safer option. Personally I am puzzled when I hear the ‘stone age’ comment, particularly from parents who should know the wired option has not disappeared. I am also puzzled as to why ‘Wi-Fi’ connectivity and ‘reception’ takes precedent over safety but some people have different priorities I guess.

In part 2,  I will get into the even bigger picture of money that Trustees, Administrators and Politicians put before the safety of your kids and the teachers that teach them as well as some of the undisclosed reasons why this is being so rapidly pushed in the meantime, you can do your own research:

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