Good news like this is popping up more than we might know in more places than we might think.

What can be defined as ‘mainstream’ doctors are also now taking a hard look at the science, sifting through industry lies and of course following the money trail. 

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This post at Collective Evolution explains some of those aspects.

There is no doubt this will be fought tooth and nail by the wireless industry. They are already positioning judges that are bought and sold to ‘hear their appeal’ regarding these elected officials providing what their constituents requested.

Why would they fight so hard? Simple, they know what most of us know regarding the dangers of this product. 

A primary yet not well discussed aspect is that for these Cities there is NO INSURANCE that government or these telecoms can get to protect the city/telco’s against liability. The below is Lloyd’s of London, the people that will insure literally anything in any risk category…  but not this one? Yes that means school boards who are exponentially increasing wireless exposure to employees and students.



That means when it is the critical mass is reached in the public eye on these dangers (and it will happen) you, will be the only back stop to cover lawsuits launched against your city, province, state or country. People are slowly but surely winning lawsuits here and there setting precedents.

Setting that aside, you will pay the health costs for government employees (and of course yourself) or in the case of public health care in Canada, we will pay for the entire burden to our already depleted Health Care system. If you are in the US, don’t expect Medicare to help you out either.



Government on the higher end of the spectrum like Health Canada and the FCC are doing everything possible to protect their investments in Wireless/IoT/Telecom.

Let’s look at the machine and then look at just California alone. The City of Berkeley, where this ordinance was passed is in California.

We will look at a couple angles so you can get the best idea of just how much money we are talking about here.

As a primer here are the world’s biggest companies by Market Capitalization, along with 4 other important charts:




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Looks familiar right?

Now, which companies are simultaneously becoming the world’s biggest polluters and energy users


Recognize any faces in this line-up?

Starting to realize where this is going?

They use tonnes of power, coal, LNG, electricity, renewables all just to store data on you. The irony here is that the government actually pays these companies to give them that data on you and sells you on the lie these companies are ‘green’.

The same companies that are profiting massively by using immigration loopholes to get rid of jobs in countries they profit the most in by hearing cheap foreign labour to decrease costs/increase profits.

The exact same companies that are salivating over cap and trade schemes to increase profits even more.  

This will boost government returns on their investments in anything from Big Oil, to Telecoms.

Now we get to see the fun stuff of just how much money we are talking about in California alone. We will look at Calpers and Calstrs pensions

Remember, if there is Proxy Voting at a company this means the largest shareholders are really who pick the boards of directors, company direction/policy, revenue generation and so on. 


What this means is the governments (Muni, Provincial/State, Federal) via their pension fund holdings are the primary shareholders of the company. Thus they actually run the company via proxy AND make the laws that get them off the hook AND are the biggest beneficiary of their profits and returns.

We always hear the line ‘corporations are taking over government’ Of course in so many ways this is true. Where the line gets blurred is regarding Proxy.

The reality is the largest Corporation in Canada is? CANADA.

So if we look at the theory  that ‘corporations are taking over governments’ but also know it is that very government that is the Largest Corporation we get to see just how entangled this power structure of commerce is.

Below is directly from the Security and Exchange Commission website.


So you might ask yourself: ‘Who’s in charge here’?

The same people as always: Greed, Power, Money, Control, Ego. When they have already counted these kind of chickens before they’ve hatched, they will do anything and everything to make sure they get that money:



Now, with that understanding we can use a proper lens to uncover why this will be such a big fight for Berkeley City Council or whoever wants to protect the public from this health hazard. aaa-tom-wilson-020

Remember, the wireless/Internet of Things industry is going to be a $19 TRILLION industry:


If this is true, let’s see how the California Pensions have aligned themselves to profit. 



Isn’t that just the weirdest random coincidence that you have ever seen? How all the graphics have all the exact same companies on it? We need to be serious about reality.

Money is the only reality for these greedy pigs. It is all they see and all they see you and your kids as. We know they know the health risks, that is why they have been ignoring the science for decades and will work so hard to sweep this under the rug.

‘If’ the health risks are real (and they are) who would stand to lose the most? Wireless

Inversely, who stands to gain the most? Pharma

If the data sales, power usage, carbon schemes, telecoms, spying and the rest are not enough… why not find even more ways to make money right?

Pension funds are $25 TRILLION industry, mostly managed and owned by Governments which are really just corporations.

It appears that the sicker you are the better. Say what you want, but look at how sick and diseased we are. Do you think there might be a reason for that?

The same reason everything happens. Money.

I leave you with 4 graphics that sum up the entire post:






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