Apologies if there was any projectiles that suddenly hit your screen.

This piece is going to look at 3 regions. Ukraine, Syria and Canada.

Let’s start with what I call the Montney Python because the snakery of politicians working to make this real and it’s similarity to how a python constricts it’s prey (in this case you) once it has sinked it’s teeth into it. (in this case your wallet)

Let’s Party:


For perspective:

Screen Shot 2016-11-06 at 12.23.40 PM.jpg

This is the ‘3 Card Montney’ (man this Montney word is versatile) trick. The 3 cards are Energy Producers, Government and  ‘3rd Party’ Enviro Lobbyist groups. By ‘3rd Party’ I mean funded by the other 2 parties.

Follow the cards:


Why the positive signal? (which means 100% certainty it will is already rubber stamped especially with $80 BILLION in infrastructure spending getting tacked onto your tax bill soon)

Note the proximity of Site C to both Alberta and these energy plays.

Screen Shot 2016-11-06 at 11.59.20 AM.jpg

Site C is nothing if the power (which no one needs at all) can’t get to where it needs to go. Unless…


And so we get a ‘deal’


NOTE: ‘Completed by 2024’

Also note ‘BY 2030’ below


(Hint, power from Site C)

They get ‘clean’ power from Site C, then they can build pipelines and frack the place to death. Can’t imagine anything cleaner than that!

Here are the BC Liberals letting us know again how ‘clean’ Fracking is.


If you are keeping score at home the No Difference Party, the BC Liberals, Federal Liberals and Environmental groups are calling LNG/Fracking ‘Sustainable’ If you don’t believe me, let’s look at what Fortis BC says:


REPETITION. The key to all propaganda. Just keep repeating that LNG is ‘renewable’ over and over and over and eventually the people will start to believe it.

Question:   How is something that is non-renewable turned into something that is renewable?

Answer:   Politicians

Enter carbon legislation. Do you see the progression to hi-jack the entire environment with the blessing and support of people like Pembina ‘Institute’? 


First it is called ‘Clean’ then it turns to ‘Renewable’ then it is ‘Carbon Neutral’ and then it is magically???


Why would you want people to believe this? Well, politicians primary function is to sell lies. Their other function is to create problems financial, environmental and so on. Think: If they actually solved problems, we wouldn’t need them.

Rule #1 in sales: Generate the need. Politicians are salesmen. What they sell is lies as truth. If it is not them selling it, it is someone they pay to sell it on their behalf.

Let’s look at what enviro-lobbyists have to say on behalf of big oil and big government both of which pay them handsomely for their ‘3rd party science’

Screen Shot 2016-11-06 at 12.24.30 PM.jpg

Translation: “As long as there is a Carbon Tax (climate ‘policy’) LNG is sustainable, renewable, clean’ How did we miss that perfectly logical solution?

Is this Fortis talking or the NDP or Clark or Big Oil? 

So, Pembina ‘climate expert’ let me try to understand this. You are saying giving big LNG, Oil and so on an incentive to produce MORE is going to get them to produce LESS?

Perhaps you should join an economics for pre-schoolers ‘think’ tank?

Or read:

Screen Shot 2016-11-06 at 3.19.26 PM.jpg

Common sense tells you that people who are the least environmentally responsible should not be incentivized to be more irresponsible.

Common sense says to never let those that caused the problem solve it, for if they knew how to solve it, it wouldn’t have happened in the first place. And, enough with the ‘but it was the previous party’ nonsense. 

Screen Shot 2016-11-06 at 3.35.41 PM.jpg

As they say, they fell for it hook, line and sinker. Now they have to admit they were too clueless to see this coming. Or, double down to infinity to protect their ego and belief systems. Option 2 is the choice of 90% of the people.

Thus, even after the python has them in their grip  they will only see rainbows and unicorns with a mix of ‘Stop Harper’ signs slid in with guys from Alberta drinking whiskey with an AR15 in one hand and the steering wheel of their vehicle that weighs 300 lbs more than theirs in the other, thus making them the scourge of the earth. Then they will exclaim the NDP is the party to protect the planet, while John Horgan supports LNG, as long as it is taxed (then the tax returned via carbon exchanges of course).

Screen Shot 2016-11-06 at 4.46.20 PM.jpg

So the ‘protectors of Gaia’ want more pipelines, LNG, Site C to protect the environment?

Even the BC Liberals are telling us what the NDP will do. Which we already know Horgan will do his usual cowardly move of ‘let’s let the bought and paid for BCUC decide, just like the NDP did with the energy sucking smart grid.

Moral of the story? If you want more of the same, vote BC Liberal. If you want more of the same vote BC NDP who will not work against the AB NDP’s leap manifesto into Carbon Taxes, LNG and Pipeline expansion.

Now that the obvious fact that non-renewables are of course renewable has been established, we can shift our focus to Ukraine. Miles away, same thing is happening. Corrupt politicians, oil company execs and money.

Screen Shot 2016-11-06 at 3.46.16 PM.jpg

Screen Shot 2016-11-06 at 3.41.34 PM.jpg

Let’s just take a peak at a map of Ukraine Shale Plays:


Isn’t that just crazy, the exact places where free and democratic elections were held, but were not ‘recognized’ is the exact place where all the energy is and the exact place all the war and conflict is? Isn’t it just the weirdest coincidence that once the money was payed our men and women’s blood were the offering for the energy play?

Wash. Rinse. Repeat.

Screen Shot 2016-11-06 at 3.54.41 PM.jpg

All of these countries are sponsoring ISIS that have a common interest that ‘magically’ matches their own in getting rid of the Assad ‘regime’ (also democratically elected).

The purpose of getting rid of Assad? He did not agree to them running a pipeline through their country. Kind of like Site C, Kinder Morgan, Dakota.

Solution? Destroy the opposition by all means possible. Your tax dollars, the blood of our soldiers to get that carbon (which is the devil on earth) to save the planet. Just like Iraq, Libya, Af-Pak, Yemen (who we are working with the Saudi’s to blow up weddings with).

How is it possible that environmental groups support these psychopaths?

As always do your homework, the money will take you to the truth. Every. Single. Time.

You need only look at the motivations of these criminals and in this case past performance is indeed indicative of future results. 100% of what these people say is a lie, same as what they do.

If they lie 100% of the time, don’t just think that your ’cause’ is somehow the one sacred thing they won’t lie about. Follow the money, watch the actions, see the truth. It is right in front of you.  Then again, denial is the most predictable of all human responses. No one wants to believe they fell for the biggest lie in the world.  Fabricated by the world’s biggest liars, thieves, environmental destroyers con artists and warmongers

Site C is being built Right Now. 

Carbon Taxes are being forced on us Right Now.

Canada, USA and the rest are ready to go to war against Russia (and will) Right Now

Just for fun and of course, just coincidence of course:

Screen Shot 2016-11-06 at 3.43.37 PM.jpg

We are literally going to increase taxes on carbon to kill people and blow up countries for it so politicians can get kickbacks and keep their power.

Screen Shot 2016-11-06 at 4.57.48 PM.jpg

This is all in line with Mackinders Heartland Theory, which is being followed to the T.

See Afghanistan and the Clinton’s also.

There is no solution  in war. There is no solution in increasing taxes. There is no solution gained by more pollution and more power concentrated into lesser hands. And yet it is that is all that is happening.


As I have said before, a lie can’t be sold unless you buy it. You have bought the lie that they can solve problems and you need them to do it when the exact opposite is true.

This affects Canada, because Trudeau will do everything the USA says and is part of the plan. We don’t have troops moving to ‘peacekeeping missions’ they are getting closer to Syria for war. We are in war games with Poland and other countries and this is also in preparation to drag us into war. We will use the same general that looted Afghanistan for it’s nearly incalculable resource riches. 

Screen Shot 2016-11-06 at 5.05.33 PM.jpg

There will be no amount of money, taxes or anything that will help this planet until we realize that we are the difference makers, not them. Solutions don’t come from throwing money into the hands of legislators who in turn give it to their campaign donors and pension fund holdings.

Solutions ONLY come from us. 

The sooner we realize this, the better. If not prepare for war, because it is coming and Trudeau, Clinton and all the world savers are itching to get it on (to save the planet of course)