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Hello Everyone,

I am aware that some people have received a new ‘final, final, final, last, last, final’ notice.

They have all looked the same regarding ‘contact us’ which we have covered in the last post    SEE HERE

Some people have said ‘they have never sent express post so this is new’ It really is not, (See here from 2013 when they did this) they have done this before, as you can recall this from the time when it was your ‘Final Notice’ to enroll in the ‘Meter Choices Program’ which is now going on a couple years now. (SEE HERE for post from Aug 2014 when it was your FINAL NOTICE then also)

Of note, now they are REALLY trying to get you out of you owning your meter. Remember, possession is 9/10ths of the law… and they want that meter. That meter is their ‘gateway’ to the data, to getting you into whichever program they want now or later etc. Either by outright taking it off your house, or REGIStering or ‘Enrolling’ you into some program.

Think about it, they want it so bad that they are trying to say to you ‘There is a blue tag on your meter, this has nothing to do with how the meter works, in fact it has really no bearing on anything at all.

‘But that blue thing, it has expired. Why? Well, because we say it did. You are in danger and so are we, so much so to the point that we are willing to get you out of that ‘danger’ by taking a meter off someones house the next town over and bringing it and putting it on your house. There is good news, this meter will be much older than your existing meter but this one will not be expired.

How do we know this? Well mostly because we said so, but what we will do is put a little yellow or red, or purple, or rainbow tag on there, and this will make it all better again, because that is what our little tags do. We don’t need to send it off or ‘certify’ it, we just know, because we are good like that. In fact, there is decent odds we might even just take your expired meter and bring it over to the house we took your ‘new’ meter off of, give it a  tag to make it brand new again and put it on that guys house. How’s that sound? I hear what you are saying, that is like fixing the door handle on the car and thinking the engine will be better somehow, and you are right, but don’t get distracted by common sense, just think about that little tag’

This is BC Hydro right now in a nutshell. Why? because they want you to take a ‘new analogue’ because that ‘new’ meter from 1973 will have a different number on it altogether. Which is great for them, because they can put a new number of meter on your bill and change your account altogether with the added benefit that this ‘new’ meter will have its number inputted into the program of those that ‘ENROLLED’ into the Meter Choices Program. ALL meters supplied by that program will be, of course, owned by? BC Hydro. Remember, they want you REGIStered in everything.

In order to try and take ownership of that meter…they are resorting to scare tactics. This is what ‘transparent bullying’ is. 

‘First we’ll make up a fee, and if they don’t give up by then, we’ll threaten to take away an essential life service from them. Then if they don’t let us put on a device that is proven to cause fires, we’ll tell them we will cut their power’

This was the whole purpose of the ‘Meter Choices Program’  (MCP)was to eventually and over time, make means by which to assume (amalgamate) ownership of your meter. They like to call it ‘choices’ but it was never intended to be a choice but a ‘slow burn’ into a predetermined outcome. Up to and including giving you a ‘new’ analogue that has been REGIStered as part of the MCP!

Think about that. They are so desperate that they are WILLING to take perfectly good paying customers, some who have never missed a payment in DECADES and cut them off! Have you ever heard of a business model that works like that? Nope… but leave it to government and BC Hydro to be the first. What is making them desperate? Control and ownership of the meter! Now do you get why we did a CLAIM OF RIGHT to the meter?

‘We need that meter that lasts 40 years off your house, we need to put one on that lasts for 5 years and costs 10 times as much… because over the long run, this will save YOU money. Don’t worry, we will pass those ‘savings’ onto you. Yes, this makes no sense either, but remember we call it a smart meter, so that is why it costs 10 X the price and lasts a fraction of the time.’


Even better

‘For the last 4 decades you have been paying a fee to have a meter reader come to your house and read your meter. We want you to take a new meter, and if you don’t want that new meter for whatever reason, we are going to increase the fee you were already paying and, on top of that, we will charge you that fee for months on end, even if the meter reader doesn’t show up and we just estimate your bill. I totally hear you, you don’t agree with us charging you twice for a service we are not even providing to you… but hey, that’s how the cookie crumbles. Remember, common sense and fair business practices are your enemy… just think of that brand new tag you will get!’

‘You see we don’t want to have to subsidize you keeping the cheaper longer lasting meter that works perfectly fine. I hear you again, you would actually be saving everyone money in the end by keeping the cheaper longer lasting meter, but we will just say that everyone is now subsidizing you, even though you are paying twice for a service you are not even getting and your meters are better and last longer… because that is how or logic and reason works’

I wish I was making this up and I also wish I was not living in a Province where this is ACTUALLY happening… right now.

You are witnessing first hand how desperate and ridiculous they are, they should be ashamed of themselves… but remember, they don’t care about anything but money.

Steps for your consideration:

You can rebut their ‘latest, lastest, nastiest, final’ notice same as before. SEE HERE That  said, in understanding how they are now working above, you can see why no one can say, no matter what you do or do not do, that they will not cut your power. They are desperate after nearly 5 years of this to get ownership of that meter, which we have been saying re the COR/NOD process this whole time. We have also seen for years now notices (see above links in first few paragraphs) like this coming in saying ‘you must do this or else’ Recall, you HAD TO get a smart meter, it was mandatory and so on. Even just think of the last notice prior to this one you got with virtually the exact same language of threat of disconnection or ‘final notice’

You could also, if this makes your more comfortable, send the rebut back noting that ‘You  do not consent to be enrolled in any program and the change out of the meter is NOT your consent to be enrolled but is being done under duress of an essential life service being cut off under threat” VOID the document etc. as before.

‘The terms laid out in the documents already defaulted on by you received and accepted by you (you can list the REGISTERED mail #’s and document names) still apply’

In the end, this is a personal decision on how you want to proceed, not everyone is going to be of the same comfort level, and this is an important distinction. Some do not care and want to get cut off and go off grid. (And yes, many are and this option might be something to look at) Some may accept a ‘new analogue’ some may not even Rebut and have nothing happen, some may rebut and have their power cut. Some will rebut and may get virtually the same notice in a couple weeks. We cannot predict the future nor the actions of what is basically a criminal for profit enterprise.

Class Action Lawsuit:

Note: Words in ALL CAPS are not for ‘shouting’ purposes, but to help you see what things are ‘FICTIONS’ etc. as laid out below.

Some have thought that these latest notices might be because of the Class Action Lawsuit and them being worried about that.

Firstly, I want to stress again that this site has ZERO involvement with that lawsuit and have not from the beginning. Do I wish that they get to a place to have all meters removed and analogues put back on? ABSOLUTELY, then we can go back to our ‘normal’ life!

Do we think this will happen? No and below is the reasons why

Second: as you will note that these types of notices have been coming in for years now, so I don’t think this or that Court Action is prompting anything, I think it is more ‘winter is coming, lets scare these people like we do around the holidays every year’

This is part of why lawsuits of this type are in an uphill battle. Everyone can do simple and easy research on the matters below. In fact, this is preferred so you can self educate and come to your own conclusions.

Many of the words you will see can easily be found online. It is that now, we think after all this time, you are beginning to (or already have) started to see how this whole game (magic show) works.

Our documents are very clear. To have ownership of the meter. Some of the plaintiffs in the lawsuit REGISTERED their meters (voluntarily no less) with the Crown. If you can recall from past posts or other means by which you learned this… REGIStering your anything (like a meter) makes it the CROWN/QUEEN’S property. Not good. See below example document. This is why BC Hydro wanted you to REGISter for the Meter Choices Program as it is very clear in Law/Legal that REGIStering for anything gives that which is REGIStered to a massive amount of power over whoever REGIStered their item, house, car, meter… whatever. See below, this is from sites that are promoting BOTH BC Hydro and Fortis CUSTOMERS to REGISter their accounts? Why? Who benefits from this?


REGIS is the root word of what give the QUEEN title over whatever is REGIStered.

aaa reg

Knowing what you know… does the above document make any sense to do or have any purpose to it other than to voluntarily REGISter your meter, admit/consent/contract to being the ACCOUNT (and not you) and become the very PERSON BC Hydro and the CROWN would prefer you to be? Hmmmmm…..

They were also voluntarily REGIStering the ACCOUNT and that they are a CUSTOMER.

YOU, if you did the COR / NOD documents (and hopefully read them) are NOT the ACCOUNT, CUSTOMER and most certainly would never have REGIStered your meter with the very agency that is trying to take ownership of it. Because you know that OWNING the meter is the goal of BC Hydro… and thus, this should be your goal too. REGIStering the meter benefits one party only… the CROWN!

YOU are a private owner on private property which is a big difference from being an ACCOUNT HOLDER or CUSTOMER or PERSON.


When you are a PERSON, you are a fiction. You do not exist. You are a piece of paper, or, in effect, what is ‘representing’ you is that piece of paper. Can radiation harm a piece of paper? Nope. Does a piece of paper that gave it’s consent to be spied on have rights not to be spied on? Nope. 

As in. Let’s say your name is David Tom Richards.   Do you notice at the top of your bill it says DAVID T. RICHARDS or something like that? Because that is ‘WHO’ you are agreeing to ‘BE’

Then of course, underneath it will say ‘Dear, David Tom Richards….’

As in, now that you have agreed to NOT be David Tom Richards (the human) you are now a “CUSTOMER’ which is owned by BC Hydro and by means of that ownership of ‘you’ they can do whatever they want. Lets see what the law says that BC Hydro can do to PERSONS in just one act you can read for yourself called the Hydro and Power Authority Act

There are more little gems of giving them jurisdiction/ownership and powers all over other acts but this part is the most easily understood and digestible.

This is from Section 12, but good if you read the whole thing for sure!


12  (1) Subject to this Act and the regulations, the authority has the capacity and the rights, powers and privileges of an individual of full capacity and, in addition, has

(Wow, not messing around there, setting the tone very nicely for themselves)

(a) the power to amalgamate in any manner with a firm or person, and

(We won’t tell them what we mean by PERSON, we’ll just use it to assume the powers, rights and privileges noted above)

(b) any other power prescribed.

(1.1) The authority’s purposes are

(a) to generate, manufacture, conserve, supply, acquire and dispose  of power and related products,

(b) to supply and acquire services related to anything in paragraph (a), and

(AQUIRE SERVICES… notice how on notices they send you it will say ‘For Electrical SERVICES at:)

(c) to do other things as may be prescribed.

(1.2) The authority may not engage in activities or classes of activities prescribed for the purposes of this subsection without obtaining an applicable approval as prescribed.

(2) If the authority

(a) acquires all of the property, assets or undertaking of a firm or person,

(b) assumes the obligations and liabilities of a firm or person,

(c) amalgamates in any manner with a firm or person, or

(d) takes over the management, supervision or control of the business of a firm or person,


Yes, in their eyes, this applies to CLASSES OF PERSONS

Which BC Hydro can ‘amalgamate’ (as in take over, assume responsibility/ownership of) and as such, this means ALL LAWS/ACTS APPLY TO THOSE PERSONS

It goes on:

the authority or the amalgamated corporation, if there is an amalgamation, may exercise and perform any power or duty conferred or imposed on it or on that other firm or person under this or any other Act for and on behalf of that other firm or person, or the amalgamated corporation, or with respect to the property or undertaking of that other firm or person, or the amalgamated corporation, with or without exercising or performing any other resulting power or duty.

(3) If the authority amalgamates with a firm or person, this Act applies as if the amalgamated corporation were the authority.

This is the Kicker (and it is a BIG Kick for sure)

(5) Despite the Land Title Act, if the authority acquires all of the property, assets or undertaking of, or amalgamates in any manner with, a firm or person,

(a) all of the interests of that firm or person that are registered in a land title office are deemed to be registered interests of the authority or the amalgamated corporation, as the case may be,

(b) the registrar of that land title office must accordingly make all necessary amendments to the register, and

(c) the amendments constitute registration of the interests under the Land Title Act in favour of the authority or the amalgamated corporation, as the case may be.

Yes, this means if you are the PERSON (as in CLASS OF PERSONS) they are deeming you have NO RIGHTS ‘despite the Land Title Act’ so who, if you are a PERSON…. OWNS YOUR PROPERTY? BC HYDRO! 

Of course this is not right, but it is the way they ‘see’ it

See how they LOVE that word REGISTRATION, REGISTERED and PERSON? Now think, where else are you seeing this word so often used and often ‘advised’ to be used? Do you think it makes sense to become all that Hydro wants you to be and expect results?

Especially if admitting/consenting/accepting you are those things gives BC HYDRO ALL POWER over your ENTIRE PROPERTY INCLUDING YOUR METER? That’s up to you to decide.

As in the PERSON is just a CORPORATION (that name on the top of the Notices DAVID T. RICHARDS) and ‘legally’ that is correct because in law a PERSON IS A CORPORATION. That is one of the means by which BC Hydro and the CROWN will assume ownership of that title, name at the top of your bill that is ‘you’ in their eyes and is the CORPORATION they are ‘amalgamating’ into itself.

When someone walks into court… they are NOT talking to the ‘Human’ standing there, they are talking to the PERSON, the DOCUMENT, the NAME at the top of the NOTICES and the NAME that is for billing to the ACCOUNT and CUSTOMER that you (unless you have done the COR/NOD) have consented to being known as, addressed as etc. That is why they will ask ‘Are you JOHN Q. PLAINTIFF’ or ‘Are you JOHN Q. DEFENDANT’ and when the PERSON answers ‘Yes’ thinking they are talking to ‘them’ they are really admitting they are that PERSON, granting the CROWN jurisdiction and consenting to all that the CROWN deems appropriate (like taking the meter) and ‘being bound’ by the ACTS and LAWS the CROWN governs them by.

So typically what they do is not tell people this secret and just say ‘Safety Code 6 says this and it means you are safe according to that authority’ or ‘XYZ act says they have this jurisdiction’ ‘According to the Authority responsible for regulating this situation it falls under X guideline’

You can look at nearly all meter lawsuits and this is what they say nearly every time.

If you give them jurisdiction over you, then the ACTS apply to you and what is said in the ACTS or what is ‘approved’ by the ‘appropriate regulatory body’ stands, because you have consented to being ‘owned’ (jurisdiction) by that party (the  CROWN) which makes??? The ACTS!

Of course and rightfully so, the people say ‘but the meter is harming me in XYZ way’ YES, it is harming your body, your mind, your being… but you have AGREED to be the PERSON… and it CANNOT harm a fiction, which you have agreed to be IF you are in a ? CLASS of PERSONS

And how  are you the fiction? By being a CUSTOMER, INDIVIDUAL, RESIDENT, ACCOUNT HOLDER… all of which are used all over the language of the lawsuit.

‘SUBJECT PROPERTY’ is also used… and what are you  if you say you are a subject? A ‘sub’ject of the QUEEN, who is the CROWN, who is pushing the smart meters on you.

This is why the COR/NOD specifically states you are the PRIVATE OWNER and does also state ‘you can call me DAVID T. RICHARDS for billing purposes but this does NOT grant you consent to convert me into that PERSON, I am still David Tom Richards, with all my rights.’ (in more or less words)

Is it starting to make sense?

You can see here directly from a site promoting the lawsuit:


Do you really want to be a PERSON (Legal Definition below)

‘There are only two “persons” in law, a human being, and everything else: A natural-person is a legal entity for the human-being.

An artificial-person is a legal entity that is not a human being.’

‘For the Human Beingas in, the FICTIONAL PERSON represents the ‘real thing!’ If your ‘representative’ is a piece of paper… it cannot be harmed by Radiation, has no Privacy etc.

Now, what do you think DAVID T. RICHARDS IS?  (IF you guessed an ARTIFICIAL PERSON) you  are correct. Do you think this was just some ‘careless accident’ Nope, the ACCOUNT is the ARTIFICIAL PERSON. the CUSTOMER is the ARTIFICIAL PERSON… the PERSON is the ARTIFICIAL PERSON! The fiction that cannot be harmed… because it ‘does not exist’ Can you see how this works? It is right in front of you…!


So why would you ‘consent’ to be a ‘non human entity’ and still think that you will have ‘rights’?

Remember it is a CHARTER OF HUMAN RIGHTS  not a charter of PERSONS rights. You are entitled to the ‘SECURITY OF THE PERSON’ so long as you obey the LAWS of the QUEEN. Do you think those words got into those documents (the Charter, Bill of Rights) accidentally? Nope, they were designed by bankers (SECURITY) and lawyers (PERSON)

So you can see here directly from the lawsuit paperwork the land mines that have been placed:

class of persons

PERSON, RESIDENT (of the corporation that is BRITISH COLUMBIA that is owned by the CROWN) and even an INDIVIDUAL on top of contracting/consenting you are the PERSON, the non human being/entity that somehow can be harmed?

SEE HERE for SEC filing for the PROVINCE OF BRITISH COLUMBIA corporate documents

What we are not big fans of is that this CLASS OF PERSONS lawsuits purpose is to ‘represent ALL CUSTOMERS’ of BC Hydro. So whether you like it or not, on your behalf (and without your consent) YOU are going to be lumped into that group of PERSONS and CUSTOMERS (that are owned by BC Hydro) and will be subject to the verdicts/rulings handed down by the very CROWN that is pushing the meters.


In reading the above, it may give you some understanding as to why and how all those words magically and so perfectly got into the paperwork for the lawsuit itself.

‘FIRST DUTY IS TO THE PUBLIC’ and remember, the PUBLIC is the CROWN, and that is why you are the PRIVATE owner, not a RESIDENT, ACCOUNT HOLDER, CUSTOMER, INDIVIDUAL because these are all terms used to put you under control of the CROWN.

Or it will say ‘SUBJECT PROPERTY’  who is the SUBJECT? and what is a ‘SUBJECT’ well, the SUBJECT is the QUEENS property… so why would you want to ‘own’ a SUBJECT PROPERTY? You wouldn’t, that is why you want to be a Private Owner!

This is directly from a documentThe CLASS member (PERSON owned by the CROWN) is an INDIVIDUAL (also a word the CROWN uses to make ownership, like on your INDIVIDUAL tax return) RESIDENT (owned by  the CROWN because RESIDENTS are owned, Private Owners are not) opposes a microwave device at the SUBJECT PROPERTY (Subject owned by the CROWN and property… owned by the CROWN)

So, if you give consent to be owned, and it is the CROWN that owns everything and it is the very CROWN you are asking for your rights from (which you don’t have because you have given them all away) the simple question becomes… how is it possible to win?

SEE THIS PDF for clarity.

Staying on the very basic side. You buy a car outright, you get caught going very fast, this is not your first time, and they want to take your car and impound it. But it is not their car, because you own it and have paid for it free and clear.

Well, you don’t own it. Why? Because you REGIStered it… this makes it the QUEEN’S property. That is just how it works. No one is saying to speed or not register your car if you want. What is being said is that is the mechanism by which they take ownership of the car plain and simple.

“Drivers License and REGIStration’ is what they ask first. The License is your agreement to be the PERSON that must ‘follow the QUEENS laws’ (Motor Vehicle Act) and when you do not, you can get fined because you agreed to follow the law, which you did not. The REGIStration is so they can say ‘Hey, we own BOTH the ‘DRIVER’ and the ‘VEHICLE’ he has agreed so we can pretty much do whatever, fine the guy and take his car, because he agreed to this on his own accord’

Even look at your drivers license. It has RICHARDS, then below DAVID TOM your picture and your signature (on your throat no less) and what is the purpose of that? Your signature makes ‘you the human’ bound that ‘entity’ that you agreed to become…. the??? PERSON! Go on, look in your wallet and see what is happening for the first time.

So, knowing this, would you REGISter your meter, account and become a customer? Of course you wouldn’t. Would it make sense to follow that ‘advice’? You can be the judge of that ‘advice’ and who benefits from it.

Law and courts are very careful with language and many things mean…. many things. This is why we were so careful to be sure that you were claiming your meter as the Private Owner (hence the title Private Owners Lawful Claim of Right)

So effectively, if they are ruled against by the CROWN they have consented to be owned by who just so happens to be the same CROWN pushing the meters, so long as you are a CUSTOMER… you get that ruling that, from reading the above, right or wrong has low odds of being in your (or those that wish to stay a CUSTOMER/PERSON) favour.

The Guess is that it will be allowed to proceed and then ruled against on some grounds that does not reveal the real reason being ALL of the PERSONS in the lawsuit agreed to be amalgamated and SUBJECTS to ‘any and all acts’ related to that act. Which of course means? The Utility Commission Act, the Electrical Tariff Act, the Clean Energy Act and so on.

Or it will get quashed before it even gets started to make an example of people in it or attempt to crush any hope people (PERSONS) can ‘stop hydro’ from ‘doing whatever they want’

Remember those running the suit said that ‘we (you) are BOUND by those Acts’ so if this is the case… does it make sense to become part of the mechanisms to be bound by those Acts?  You can figure that out.

As said, of course we hope those people in this Class Action win, my life would be much better if it did happen that way. But the above was meant to point out to you the potentials of how things will happen and how the  courts are likely to perceive this matter in the end. Jurisdiction and ownership, in a commercial environment (the CROWN’S COURT) and if they own the METER, the PROPERTY and the PERSON the odds are very low, they are going to rule against themselves in this matter. And the odds are very high, if in the end they rule against the CLASS OF PERSONS they are not going to come out and say how they reached that conclusion, just say something about ‘Safety code 6 is the standard and the meters fall under the guidelines of the standard’ and be done with it.

We will be releasing more on ‘Acts’ in the coming months and more on understanding the above and how you DO NOT want to get lumped in with all the other PERSONS, CUSTOMERS, ACCOUNT HOLDERS out there.


Hope you enjoyed and this helped, thanks!

Disclaimer:  To All Fighters for Freedom against Wireless ‘smart meters’ “These are the times that try men’s souls,” Thomas Paine.  We live in a world of commerce. From time to time, circumstances arise, where we seek remedies to resolve our commercial problems. The notices and /or commercial remedies offered, are given freely, but they come with a warning. The contents are for educational purposes only. The author is not an attorney and can not give legal advice. If you require legal advice, by all means find a competent attorney. Please accept these offerings as given – for some, these materials may offer assistance in finding viable solutions.