I wrote about Pot, Health Canada and Fentanyl a while back and there have some been some disturbing developments since then. Of course, it is not a development that people are dying everywhere, every day from overdoses. From your stereotypical addicts to upstanding citizens unless you live in a cave you know this so I won’t go on about it.

There is a connection that I see now and a direction as to where it is going that I believe is only a matter of time before it gets there. Why? Money.

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Of course you have no right to privacy or what you do in your own home. A big irony here is these cities put fire causing smart meters on your home and then of course cite ‘fire safety’ as a concern if someone grows pot?

Yes, I get it, fires happen in grow ops. I also know there are a tonne of fires that happen in non grow-ops, commercial buildings full of electricians and electrical engineers. 

Most growers know that if their op burns down, they don’t make any money so generally there is motivation to not burn the house down. Perhaps more so than bad licensed electricians that do terrible electrical work all the time or meter installers who get paid commissions for how fast they install not if your base is ‘safe’.

What is most disturbing is the fact that now all excuses are getting pulled into the mix to ensure that privacy ends, home growers end and of course governments and the companies they own via pension funds will get their hands on this loot.

This is the only reason I believe they have been waiting out putting in ‘laws’ on this matter. Since BC is very pot dependant that nothing will really come out federally until after the provincial elections as Clark and Trudeau are really good friends on many matters, like Site C and all the rest. They don’t want to rock the boat before elections.

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I think we are seeing what they call a Trial Balloon. Float out the idea and see if it sticks. If it does not, just repeat it over and over. If that does not work, just make an incident happen or put some Fentanyl on pot, do an analysis and voila we will get the push to get those ‘dirty bikers’ and ‘organized crime away from our kids.’ Which means raiding dispensaries and shutting them down will now be justified to ‘protect our kids’

People have been dropping like flies on this matter for years… don’t you think it is odd they are all of a sudden ‘waking up’ to this problem at the EXACT time that pot legislation is being worked on? Come on.

It will literally take one person to die, likely some young girl or couple with cute kids and the media will be all over this. They get their marching orders from the government. The CBC is a propaganda arm. So are most major news networks and media giants.

You know that here I cover a lot about government owning stocks in Smart Grid companies etc. Guess what? It is the same with media stocks. Same in the USA and part of the whole ‘fake news’ BS because we are waking up to the complete and total lie that is the press. This is why Facebook, Twitter and Google are doing what they do right now in censoring.

We are talking about Trillions here in the pot industry. There is Zero chance that the completely bankrupt governments will let this slip. There is also Zero chance that the companies they own via pensions will not want a piece of this pie. That is just how it works. Even if the high majority of dispensaries pay taxes, have licenses it won’t be enough. They, like all else, will want it all.

The reality is that LNG producers, miners and anyone struggling right now are most likely to end up building massive grow ops out in the middle of nowhere. They will use ‘clean renewable, sustainable, green’ LNG to produce the power and produce the pot. They will sell it to Shoppers Drug Mart or London Drugs and the syndicate will take over. The kicker? Since they use this ‘clean energy’ they will also likely get carbon credits to sell back to you and make even more money.

Most likely, in the end, the plants will all then be GMO’d. Most likely, in the end any medical benefits will be removed from the plants in order to allow for the massive profits from chemicals synthetics to continue.

If not, they will be first to the trough on selling the pot to help people. Yes I get a lot of pot users just sit around vaping in their parents basement. Just like alcoholics, phone drones, people on prescription pain killers and so on.

But we cannot deny what is coming out regarding CBD oils and all the rest. The sad thing is this has been known for decades, but suppressed for someone to make money the whole time. Pharma. And who owns all their shares and bonds? Government.

So we can see that anyone who uses a certain amount of power is now going to be suspect. Guess what?   With smart meters you don’t even need to use a lot, they can see the power spikes going off at certain times and have about a 99% degree of accuracy you are growing pot. Next will be a ‘regulated’ amount of water also. How about how much dirt you buy on your credit card or bank card when cash is eliminated? (and it will be)

Supply lines cut off? Check. That is basic war, cut off supplies.

Then you move to shut down dispensaries because ‘we are not able to appropriately monitor and regulate these dangerous drugs and we need trusted people that can do this’

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Distribution channels cut off? Check.

Now, they win. And by winning you get all the money. You get all the data (money) on all the people. You end all privacy of what you can do in your own home (which was about 95% gone anyway) and you get the people (‘health’ agencies) on your side who ‘care about the children’

I am not sitting here saying pot is the saviour of mankind. What my concern here is the lie that is being sold. Our government cares about kids? Please, we radiate them all day long in the data farms we call schools.

We let children rot and die on Indian Reserves for decades. We have untold issues with children’s health in prescribing them Ritalin and all kinds of psychoactive, addictive drugs. 

Our kids are hooked on sugar and GMO’s. Don’t give me this crap about ‘protecting kids’ until you actually start… protecting kids. The only thing they need protection from is these people themselves. 

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This is also about choice and privacy. Both of which are being destroyed. We see this with Air BNB also. They think you are too dumb to choose a place to stay and conduct commerce without them. They cite ‘safety’ as their concern and of course these people now need to be regulated. Just like pot.

How about the truth?

How about the fact that NO ONE can conduct commerce without these pirates getting a piece?

How about the fact that Hotels are screaming for more profits and the pension funds that own them are pissed because their might be competition? Monopolies hate competition.

Of course there is more to this story. We could go on forever just like they go on forever with the lies and deceit. This is more so a warning and perhaps an insight into the direction this is going. There are a lot of people out there that rely on this for a living (right or wrong in your eyes this is a fact) and the trend is moving toward this being pulled out from under them.

13 year old kids should not be vaping high power THC derivatives. That said, they shouldn’t be microwaving themselves from age 2-13 either. In the end, I don’t think they care about kids getting hooked on this either.

In fact, it is to their advantage. If they drone through school more than they are already, that is fine. We don’t need critical thinking. Just look at the ‘programming’ they are wanting to get kids to ‘learn’ in school despite the fact the programming is already automated and all these jobs are already obsolete.

Bottom line is? The bottom line. Keep an eye on this moving forward. Could I be wrong?  Sure, but the money tells me I will be right in the end.

One last thing. Pot growing requires a tremendous amount of electricity. With sagging demand across the board, this is why these people haven’t been ‘shut down’ before.

Meters were not put in to stop this industry and ‘monitor theft’ You can use an infra-red camera and a helicopter and fly over any town and find every grow-op in about 30 minutes. If they wanted to ‘protect the kids’ they could have been doing this forever. But they did not, further proof it is a ruse.

Just connect the dots and you always get back to the same people and the same reasons. The more you think about all matters, the more you realize there is simply nothing they are not lying about.