Summarized in this video is how Site C is a backdoor bailout to Alberta, BC and Banks. The banks that own the debt of Canada and Provinces in their pensions funds, the pension funds that own the banks in their holdings and the circle of money looking for more of your hard earned money to pay for their incompetence.

Once you follow the money, the whole world opens up for you. In 15 minutes you are going to see the whole carbon scam exposed for what it is and why Energy majors are now ‘on board’ with the broke governments who invest heavily into their sector.

They have ruined education, infrastructure, health care, hydro and more.

They have lied to us about war, banking, our food supply and can’t even balance a budget but now will magically save the world from certain death IF we just give them more of our money they already wasted 100 years into the future?

The biggest wasters or resources now need more of your resources to… save resources.

There is no common sense here only common dollars, your dollars, common to them.

They are broke and begging for more, time to put a stop to this scam.