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There you go. If you ‘accepted’ a radio off meter, you got? A smart meter. You paid for a radio off meter? You paid for? A smart meter. 

Guess what? It is worse than that. For this part is merely a distraction as when you look at the top lines (and some of the lines from the last notices) it is all about affirming that you ‘chose’ this meter. Or ‘you enrolled in the Meter Choices Program’ (MCP)

They were ‘simply’ letting the system know the meter was installed. Bull shit. You are liars. So how is anyone to know if they are on or off?

You said they were ‘off’ when you put them on the house, now it is that they were on… but now they are ‘off’ after 25 days? Complete con. Typical government and Hydro.

For whoever else didn’t get this notice who is paying extortion fees to keep a fire hazard off their home, don’t worry, it was ‘just 300 of them’ and we just want you to know we understand your concern and recognize our mistake and are going to refund you… because we are so nice. Corporate complaint training 101.

Warning: As you go through the below I have used upper case letters in some spots. Sometimes it is to say ‘this is kind of important to get’ and other times it is because things like the CROWN are a corporate entity and this is why it is written this way, similar to your bills etc.

THERE IS NO MANDATE FOR WIRELESS METERS IN THE CLEAN ENERGY ACT. Even inside their own laws, they broke the law. Wireless is a FEDERAL JURISDICTION, not provincial.

Remember when we clearly showed this on the notices you were getting before for the Meter Choices Program and it didn’t have ‘BC’ at the end at the top of your service address? That’s why! They wanted you to ‘agree’ to the MCP so they could skirt the laws and continue the illegal WIRELESS smart metering program. Measurement Canada (contrary to what BC Hydro is lying about) does NOT mandate a wireless smart meter. It was no accident that every bill, notice you got before had BC on it, then did not, for that special small set of MCP documents.

The Liberals and BC Hydro knew they were breaking the law, entering Federal Jurisdiction. Do you understand, right now, that the NDP could have, at any time pointed this out… but haven’t? Does that not kind of maybe give you pause for reflection as to why? Why an ‘opposition’ party could have had their ‘opposition’ defeated and in tatters… but did nothing, still, to this day?


They tried to get around this with the MCP. This is part of why they became so aggressive to cover this up. We are still wondering why this NO MANDATE FOR WIRELESS SMART METERS component that is clear and obvious was not pointed out in the class action lawsuit as this would have been the achilles heal of BC Hydro. This is why it took them around 8-10 months to reply to the COR/NOD.

This is why we said  ‘DO NOT write to the BCUC affirming their jurisdiction over you’ as we know this was a set-up to get the out they needed. And? They got it. This is why we kept saying to reject all this stuff they were sending. Partly, because ‘agreeing’ to the MCP was the out the Liberals/BC Hydro needed to get out of the fact that there is no mandate for wireless smart meters.

Writing those letters to the BCUC triggered them having authority to ‘solve the very problem they caused’ via this illegal WIRELESS SMART METER PROGRAM in generating the MCP!

There are some strange sequences that we still are looking for answers on.
Why would someone want to be in a ‘class of PERSONS’ when PERSONS in the Power Authority Act, Section 12 gives BC HYDRO total rights and control over your property?

We still wonder why, people were asked/told to ‘REGI-ster’ their meter and account to/with BC HYDRO (the CROWN) giving them even more power over the property, account and meter before entering the lawsuit of PERSONS?

We wonder why, people were told to mix our documents with the lawsuit and it would not matter if they did because the ‘lawyer’ said it was ok even though our documents were a claim to the meter and not giving your rights away by becoming the PERSON?

Was this the same lawyer(s)/leaders that missed the entire aspect that there is NO MANDATE FOR WIRELESS METERS?

(ps in case it is not clear—> there is no mandate for wireless smart meters in all of BC, nowhere, not one law, act, statute… none. Just thought I would point that out)

Why were people asked/told to ‘join’ or REGI-ster for the Meter Choices Program knowing full well the time would come (as we predicted) that they would start saying ‘we are out of analogue meters’?

Then the suit was ‘delayed’ so people had to ‘accept’ this program, confirming they are the PERSON in the MCP (the new ACCOUNT) and having that attached to the lawsuit. Thus, they AFFIRMED THEY ENTERED THE MCP, (agreed to the terms via signature) BECAME THE PERSON ATTACHED TO THE POWER AUTHORITY ACT, MCP, THEIR BC HYDRO CONTRACT, THE NEW METER THEREBY REMOVING ALL RIGHTS TO THEIR PROPERTY.

Does this make any sense to you to take this approach? Isn’t possession 9/10ths of the law? If so, why give every. single. avenue of possession of any and all property to BC Hydro and the Crown?

This is part of why BC Hydro had people sign the MCP, because that created a NEW CONTRACT, with a NEW METER (Registered to the MCP) and a NEW ACCOUNT/PERSON.

There are definitely some really big questions in a long pattern of choices, sequences, events and outcomes that were ALL 100% favourable to BC Hydro’s desired outcome to get everyone metered over roughly 5 years.
We of course wanted the lawsuit to win, but we knew it would lose, just like we tried to warn people of what they were being ‘advised’ and ‘vetted’ to do and how easily it was to telegraph what the outcome would be. We even offered this advice for solutions… we were ridiculed publicly and privately. Yep, that happened. We pointed out the obvious and it was left out. We pointed out each reason why they would lose… door slammed in our face and told we would ‘get everyone thrown in jail’ both publicly and privately.

We wonder why people were being told ‘you will go to jail, be put on a no fly list and lose your homes if you do the COR/NOD documents?

It’s been years, not one person of 1000’s that did those docs had any issue of this kind. Why the scare tactics? Why the removing hope of documents that were working? Why was giving money and power away the only solution that turned out to be a failed endeavour? 

Was this a scare tactic to drum up more money for a cause that was going to lose anyway and simultaneously turning people away from claiming the right to their meter and clearly pointing out there is no mandate for wireless smart meters?

How did we notice this with simple internet searches and common sense, but the people who were getting paid money and were ‘professional’ completely miss this?


Why did they ensure in every way they gave up ALL RIGHTS to the CROWN first, before they went into court?

I want to point out an irony, via the Power Authority Act (PAA). I also know that people are being forced off their land for Site C to be built. They are saying things like ‘it is like we don’t even own our own property’ well, according to the Power Authority Act… you don’t.

Now, according to the Land Title Office where you REGI-stered your property and you are listed as the TENANT not ‘owner’ you are told you are the ‘owner’ BUT, under the PAA you are not. (see below, I’m serious)

So, the group that was telling people ‘you will lose your house if you do those documents’ Actually LEGALLY got people to give up ALL rights to their homes/property via becoming a class of PERSONS, registering their accounts, meter and property to the CROWN! 

Funny how that works. They were being scared away from doing our documents without basis or proof and lead right into doing the very thing they claimed we were doing? 

So, when the people are losing their property to Site C… they are… PERSONS under the PAA and because their BC HYDRO contract gives BC Hydro RIGHT AND TITLE TO THEIR LAND.

Do we ever wonder why ALL the lawyers filing injunctions, lawsuits and all else to stop Site C/smart meters ‘accidentally’ missed this? Well, you need to first understand that lawyers pledge an OATH to the Crown, to the public FIRST and to the persons last:


Now, I will also point out that part of the reason First Nations groups are seeing treaties ignored is because they have also ‘agreed’ to be a PERSON via getting a STATUS card to be a STATUS INDIAN vs. an Indian (yes there is a contractual difference) and the court (CROWN) need not tell them why this is happening. However, if you are First Nations and want to understand what is going on, or really anyone for that matter, I suggest you read this document. Does becoming a STATUS INDIAN make all previous treaties NULL and VOID? And if this was the case…do you really think the crown would tell you when their interests are that land?


So, let’s get to the meat and potatoes. Here it is, in my opinion that which is legally giving government ‘right and title’ to your property. If anyone is fighting Site C, smart meters or anything BC Hydro, it is imperative they understand this. It is paramount they learn for themselves what is going on.


Think, this is how the bail ins will work. This is how ‘smart meters cause no harm’ because in their mind and in legal you have ‘agreed’ to become the BC HYDRO ACCOUNT with the account ‘title’ being? YOUR NAME.

This is why radiation and dirty power ‘doesn’t hurt you’… they don’t see you, they see you as the commodity that they own a piece of paper that you signed over your rights to to be your representative, the PERSON in legal matters.

Notice how the entire suit was based on health concerns and data? (which, yes, I have written and done videos on for 5 years now and know these are legit concerns) When you sign over your ‘interests’ and BC Hydro ‘amalgamates’ you into their corporation who’s data is it? THEIRS!

So, they affirmed they were the PERSON in the Power Authority Act and then went into court as that PERSON (which gives up ALL rights to their property ie data) and then say ‘we want the privacy that we agreed with you via written contract that we don’t actually have’ 

That is why the data on the account they deem theirs. That is why they don’t see people’s objections.

That is why we wanted to CLAIM THE RIGHT to the meter base and not be that ‘PERSON’

I am not saying what they are doing is right, just pointing out the mechanism of how it works. Until we all wake up and start to understand the law, gain knowledge (power) we will just give that power away to the next party, or some lawyers that will gladly take our money and billable hours.

Now if you don’t believe me, if you want to go into some cognitive dissonance that this is not possible, this is ‘those people that talk about upper and lower case letters and common law’ that is fine, ignorance is always the easy path out. If you want to see it right from the mouth of lawyers, politicians, BC Hydro and with your own eyes, then you can see it right here.

I have put in red and blue so you can see where the ball and chain attaches itself to ‘you’ the “PERSON” On final note, let’s look up the Legal Definition of PERSON



In general usage, a human being; by statute, however, the term can include firms, labor organizations, partnerships,associations, corporations, legal representatives, trustees, trustees in Bankruptcy, or receivers.

A corporation is a “person”

Now, pay attention to the usage of FIRM and PERSON as the STATUTE/ACT is worded!


12  (1) Subject to this Act and the regulations, the authority has the capacity and the rights, powers and privileges of an individual of full capacity and, in addition, has

(a) the power to amalgamate in any manner with a firm or person, and

                          (that’s pretty much it in a nutshell, but keep reading)

(b) any other power prescribed.

(1.1) The authority’s purposes are

(a) to generate, manufacture, conserve, supply, acquire and dispose of power and related products,

(b) to supply and acquire services related to anything in paragraph (a), and

(c) to do other things as may be prescribed.

(1.2) The authority may not engage in activities or classes of activities prescribed for the purposes of this subsection without obtaining an applicable approval as prescribed.

(2) If the authority

(a) acquires all of the property, assets or undertaking of a firm or person,

(b) assumes the obligations and liabilities of a firm or person,

(c) amalgamates in any manner with a firm or person, or

(d) takes over the management, supervision or control of the business of a firm or person,

the authority or the amalgamated corporation, if there is an amalgamation, may exercise and perform any power or duty conferred or imposed on it or on that other firm or person under this or any other Act for and on behalf of that other firm or person, or the amalgamated corporation, or with respect to the property or undertaking of that other firm or person, or the amalgamated corporation, with or without exercising or performing any other resulting power or duty.

(3) If the authority amalgamates with a firm or person, this Act applies as if the amalgamated corporation were the authority.

(4) The Lieutenant Governor in Council may, by order, prescribe the procedure to be followed in amalgamation of the authority with a firm or person.

^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ ORDER IN COUNCIL #391 METER CHOICES PROGRAM^^^^^^^^^^^

(5) Despite the Land Title Act, if the authority acquires all of the property, assets or undertaking of, or amalgamates in any manner with, a firm or person,

(a) all of the interests of that firm or person that are registered in a land title office are deemed to be registered interests of the authority or the amalgamated corporation, as the case may be,

                   (^^^^^^^^MAYBE READ THAT AGAIN^^^^^^^)   Just to let it sink in.

(b) the registrar of that land title office must accordingly make all necessary amendments to the register, and

(c) the amendments constitute registration of the interests under the Land Title Act in favour of the authority or the amalgamated corporation, as the case may be.

                  (^^^^^^^^DEFINITELY READ THAT AGAIN^^^^^^^)   Just to let it sink in.

It goes on but that is the nuts and bolts of it. I really hope that the connection set in and made sense. You cannot break out of prison unless you know you are in one. Then you cannot get out if you don’t know the rules.

Knowledge is Power.

You are power.

Stop giving it away.









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