As you know, for sometime we have been letting you know our wish to begin to shed some well overdue light on the ‘why’ of the process on this site. Unfortunately, due to what BC Hydro has been doing we have been somewhat busy. However at this point in time we have prepared something that we hope can help you understand just what is happening in the province of British Columbia. Despite what BC Hydro may be trying to portray via the Media or in your notices, it is actually quite positive!

In the PDF below we are going to look at a few things. Briefly though, we would like to talk about something we brought up before. There are many viewpoints out there on how to proceed, some of you get many emails or phone calls from friends from various sources, I am no different.

Something of interest caught our attention recently. We saw that people were starting to learn more about what BC Hydro are trying to do.  A couple main things… Get your consent and Get you into a new contract. As said recently some information was going around to “Not Sign” the  NEW recently sent Xpresspost LETTER 7, “Meter Choices Program – Enrolment Deadline Has Passed”. Of course this does make sense, because otherwise you are giving your consent, by signature, to enter into the Meter Choices Program, which is loaded with landmines we won’t get into now, but we all know who we are dealing with and we all know that going along with ANYTHING they have come up with makes no sense.

However, we have seen emails out there saying to “Just ignore” or “do not respond” to the Xpresspost mailout. Simply put, this makes no sense. We have seen, that the people saying this are concerned that doing something about the Xpresspost document will ‘enter them into a new contract’ so they advise you do nothing.

Perhaps, this may be the worst thing of all things you could do. Why?  Well in order to understand this further, we merely need to look at some legal definitions for the word “ACCEPTANCE” and “RETAIN” 



So you can clearly see that by definition if you do nothing it is YOUR ACCEPTANCE and this is your ENTERING A NEW CONTRACT.  Recall, over 1 million Notices were sent out around 2-3 years ago letting people know ‘smart’ meters are coming. 

On the BC Hydro envelope, it said return in 10 days, but people did not understand it was an offer to contract. They did not know they had the right of refusal, and instead they got metered. They acquiesced, (Accepted by silence) or better stated, defaulted and granted BC Hydro consent/authority to install the meter, by doing/saying nothing. This does not change magically now, in effect, the rules are the same.

It is important to send these BC Hydro ‘notices’ BACK so as not to accept them. After reading through the PDF below, you will better understand why so much effort has been required by you.

Now, if you are curious as to why the BC Utilities Commission did not care one bit for years regarding the Smart Meter Rollout and now is begging to hear ‘intervenors’ and ‘get sent letters’ you will know why. We are going to show you the mechanism by which they enacted the Order in Council #391 and WHY we urged from the start of the Meter Choices Program roll-out, that people remain calm and not engage. Please do not feel bad if you were influenced by others telling you to ‘write letters’ and so on for months. You could not have know and were only trying to do your best.

 Perhaps you also do not know that BC Hydro sent (3) different types of letters to people.

You will have received (1) of these (3) letters and in the PDF, we will show you how to reply to theone sent to you. We want to be clear, you do not have to do (3) ‘send backs’ to BC Hydro, rather, just the one you received. Compared to what you have done in the past, this will be a walk in the park!

Also, we want you to know that if the LGIC sent you a ‘reply’ to the documents you sent a while back, that this, after further review will require a reply, which will be drastically easier this time also. We will send a link out for this simple reply doc in a few days time. As mentioned before, please, if ever you receive items from any of these parties don’t toss them out, keep them.

The REQUIRED READING ‘MCP start’ educational PDF is below, then just below that will be the instructions for you and your particular document. Please do, (despite the busy season), try to get this done as soon as possible.


That said, we are very happy to release this PDF to help you further your understanding of what is going on out there!


CLICK HERE  ——->  MCP start

Now, for instructions on HOW to VOID the (6th, 7th or 8th) Meter Choices Program you received (see below) and again the MCP START PDF is a MUST READ so read this first, before you proceed. Again, you will only need to do (1) of the (3) below, depending on which Meter Choices Program letter you received.

Void 6th letter

Void 7th letter

Void 8th letter

Disclaimer:  To All Fighters for Freedom against Wireless ‘smart meters’ “These are the times that try men’s souls,” Thomas Paine.  We live in a world of commerce. From time to time, circumstances arise, where we seek remedies to resolve our commercial problems. The notices and /or commercial remedies offered, are given freely, but they come with a warning. The contents are for educational purposes only. The author is not an attorney and can not give legal advice. If you require legal advice, by all means find a competent attorney. Please accept these offerings as given – for some, these materials may offer assistance in finding viable solutions.



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